Posted: May 01, 2012 4:32 PM
I have lived in our current home for over 8 years now, and in 8 years did very little to decorate it... until I met Pinterest. Pinterest has quickly become my one stop shop for all things home decor, recipes, fashion and more. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest-inspired ideas.

Book reading nook

After seeing this pin on cleaning out an unused closet and converting it to a reading nook, I decided I could totally do that! And I did! My kids now have a space filled with books, cozy pillows and Christmas lights for added pretty. They mostly just go in there to scream though.

Bathroom collage

I'm horrible about putting pictures up in our home. You would think with the 1-hour photo labs and ordering online (and what not), that it would be a fairly easy thing to accomplish. This pin gave me the courage I needed to just go for it!

Stairs organized

I am infamous for stacking things at the bottom of the stairs that I think need to go up... but then never actually bring them up. I saw this pin about placing baskets on the stairs for each member of the family. At the end of the day, they are responsible for emptying their own baskets! It's brilliant!

Girls canvas

You could pay $30 or more for some nice pieces of art to hang on your kids walls... or you could let them make their own. I'm constantly pinning fun canvas ideas that I think my kids could create and now they have some pieces that not only brighten their rooms, but can really be proud of, as well!

Favorite tops/clutch

Some of my favorite tops and a turquoise clutch (that I'd been looking for forever) were purchased after seeing a friend's pin. Hey, if they're good enough for my fashion-forward friends than they're good enough for me! The best part is that my online friends all live so far away... we're never going to run into each other sporting the same outfits! Unless of course, they're planning on wearing them to BlogHer... in which case, we may be in trouble.

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