Posted: Apr 23, 2012 2:41 PM
Your baby deserves the very best. Get ready for your little bundle of joy by designing a beautiful and environmentally friendly nursery. From sustainable furniture and organic mattresses to green flooring and natural toys, we’ve got the cutest design ideas for your eco-nursery.

Sustainable nursery furniture

Choosing eco-friendly products for your baby’s nursery will not only help the planet, it can have a positive effect on your baby’s health while protecting him from harmful toxins. When picking furniture, consider sustainable bamboo or hardwoods with non-toxic paint, stains or other finishes. For a trendy selection of organic, sustainable and non-toxic nursery furniture, check out BabyEarth.

Organic crib mattresses and bedding

Baby matDuring their first year of life, babies spend nearly half their time sleeping. Watch them snuggle up for a sweet snooze with bedding that won’t irritate their skin or cause other chronic health concerns. Most conventional mattresses are made with petrochemicals, flame retardant chemicals and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which have been proven to accumulate in our bodies, with long-term effects. Organic mattresses and bedding made from natural materials like cotton and wool are free of these hazards and better for the environment too. Take a peek at the wide selection of organic mattresses, linens, pillows, mattress covers and other products for safe, healthy sleep at Naturepedic.

Low-VOC paint

You don’t have to be worried about lead in paint anymore, but make sure that the paint you choose is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These toxic fumes can have long-term health effects, so be sure to pick paint and primer that is low- or no-VOC. Regardless of the paint you choose, it’s still a good idea to paint the room well before your baby arrives and allow plenty of time for the space to air out. Decorating is a breeze with the wide selection of popular, contemporary colors at Safecoat.

Green flooring

It’s tummy time! Watch your little one explore the world in a safe environment free of allergens and toxins. Bamboo, sustainably harvested hardwoods and cork floors are excellent options because they are green, toxin-free and easy to keep clean. If you prefer a soft rug, consider one made of natural fibers like wool, cotton, sisal, sea grass, jute, hemp, coir or linen. GreenSage has an excellent selection of all-natural, zero off-gassing chemical-free carpeting.

Natural toys

Spark your baby’s curiosity and bring your nursery to life with innovative toys that are also environmentally responsible. Choose natural fiber and wood toys that ignite your child’s imagination to fill your nursery and playroom. Melissa and Doug, Oompa and Yellow Label Kids are three great resources for unique, creative and earth-friendly toys.

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