Posted: Apr 13, 2012 10:43 PM
If your bedroom has lost that lovin’ feeling, don’t fret. A little color, the right lighting and some personal touches will have you looking forward to bedtime in no time. One of the compromises couples often make when they move in together is going neutral on bedroom decor. While there’s something to be said for striking a balance, that halfway point of his and hers tends to be a boudoir buzz-kill.

Add kids to the mix and any remnants of romance typically go right out the window. If you're looking to revamp what was once your sacred space, keep reading for five tips to shake those bedroom blahs!

Color me romantic

Ditch your drab walls and add color. Pick several shades of one color and apply them to different walls for a soft, seamless look that leans more romantic with no hard lines. Or, go with a vibrant accent wall for something more bold and passionate. Position your bed with the headboard against the accent wall so it’s now the center of attention.

In the mood

If the only mood lighting you have in your room comes from the glow of your TV or the bulbs on your ceiling fan, consider a chandelier. Whether it’s ultra-feminine and dripping with crystals or a wrought iron mandelier, there are so many variations on the traditional chandelier that you're bound to find one you can both agree on.

Just the two of us

If all of life's distractions make it hard for you to remember the simpler times when it was just the two of you, make your bedroom your reminder. Display the family photos and snapshots of your kids everywhere except for your bedroom. Find photos that capture precious candid moments or milestones in your relationship and showcase those on a focal wall in your room.

It's all in the details

Finishing touches can take his and her decor to a new level. Pair a remote-control window shade for him with silk-panel window treatments for her. Accent your walls with bold baroque wall art or an oversized antique mirror. Stylish candleholders and candles make for perfect accent pieces that are a sure-fire way to rekindle the romance.

Luxe layers

Last but not least, layer your bed with pillows — from standard and king-sized, to accent pillows and bolsters. Line it with luxurious sheets and lay a super-soft throw blanket at the foot of the bed that you can use to snuggle-up together while you’re unwinding and watching TV.

Of course, you could always skip TV time altogether. Make sure your new room has speakers for your iPod, make a playlist with songs that bring back memories, close your door and kick the volume up a notch!

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