Posted: May 14, 2012 7:00 AM
Need to add some statement pieces to your party decor? Create these DIY paper pom-poms to dress up any space with bold pops of color. All you need is tissue paper, scissors and string.

When balloons and streamers no longer satisfy your party palate, consider turning to paper poofs. These colorful pom-poms can be showcased as ceiling accents or centerpieces... and they're a cinch to make!


Grab standard gift-wrap tissue paper in whatever color you prefer. Pull eight sheets of tissue from the pack for your first pom-pom. Find a flat workspace and lay your tissue out so it's completely unfolded and straight. Next, lay your string out and cut it into 12-inch increments until you have one piece for each pom-pom you're making. You can use ribbon, yarn, even jewelry wire.


Starting on one end, fold your tissue paper back-and-forth like an accordion. Space each fold about 1-1/2 inches wide. Continue to fold the tissue until you're left with one long accordion-folded strip of stacked tissue paper.

Tie and snip

Lay your string out and place your strip of folded tissue paper in the center. Bring the ends of the string over the paper and tie it around the tissue to hold the folded paper in place. Leave several inches of slack, then tie the string together again, so your string now acts as a handle for your pom-pom. Cut both ends of your tissue in whatever shape you prefer (rounded, pointed or scalloped).

Peel and poof

Gently peel the tissue starting with the top layer and fluff it toward the top of your handle, pulling each side of the tissue up layer-by-layer. After about four layers on each end, flip your pom-pom over and peel the bottom layers so you have an evenly-spread, rounded poof.


If you'd like a seamless look, tie fishing wire to the handle you created and use the wire to hang your poof. That will make the pop of color from your pom-pom the center of attention. Or, you can go bold and use thick strips of colored ribbon to hang your pom-poms. You can display them from ceiling corners, over cake and present tables... or you can position them to hover over the middle of your guest's tables, as unique centerpieces.

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