Posted: May 28, 2012 7:00 AM
Everyone loves a fun children's birthday party! In Hollywood the kids get more than just hot dogs and homemade cupcakes! From $100,000 extravagant affairs -- when Suri Cruise turned two, themed and catered events like that of Stella McDermott's third birthday, to Cruz Beckham's costume party in Beverly Hills -- here's your invitation into the birthday bashes of Tinseltown's tots, courtesy of Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Birdie Silverstein

Cougar Town star Busy Philipps sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop and talked about celebrating her daughter Birdie's upcoming third birthday.

"We're doing a giant renovation on the exterior of our home," Busy explained. "Part of it is adding a big, flat front yard that will be hedged in and will -- hopefully -- be beautiful. I've told my contractors that it has to be done by her birthday because I've promised her a beautiful outdoor party."

Busy went on to say that it would be a Tangled-theme birthday bash held in the backyard of their Los Angeles home.

"She loves the movie Tangled and we read the books from the movie -- and she wants lanterns," Busy said. "I think I'll hang Chinese lanterns outside and I thought a fun activity for the kids would be getting white lanterns in China Town and all the kids could decorate them with glitter and paints. And of course she wants a Rapunzel cake so I'm going to make her the Rapunzel tower for her cake."

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