Posted: Jan 20, 2013 10:00 PM
Have you ever thought about creating a picture wall in your home? Picture walls make a great display for family photos and liven up wall space in hallways, dividing walls and even bedrooms. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create the perfect photo wall for your space.

Picture wall placement for long hallways

Picture walls are perfect for hallways -- especially when you plan to display family photographs like my mom did with her grandbaby wall. When working with a long hallway, make sure you determine the amount of space you plan to use and visualize your layout ahead of time so you don't end up with holes in your pattern or too many frames, which can make a long hallway look cluttered and smaller. You don't want to take away from the architecture of the house and you definitely don't want to take away the focal point, which is the pictures displayed.

Tall skinny wall photo collage

Picture wall placement for tall, skinny walls

Tall, skinny walls -- or room dividing walls -- make a great space for a picture wall. Work with square and rectangular frames to create the illusion of more space while coordinating the frames' colors and matting with the colors of the two closest rooms. Place the frames in rows of at least three to four horizontal rows, but overlap and play with the spacing by off-setting where each frame is hung. Then finish off the look by placing the frames on each end outside of the rows.

bedroom wall collage

Picture wall placement for bedrooms and simple spaces

For a simple look, or for a bedroom picture wall, evenly space three of the same frames in a row for a simple, yet dramatic look. This set up works beautifully for professional family pictures, wedding pictures and travel or landscape pictures.

Tip^ The larger the matting inside the frame, the more dramatic the picture wall looks.

Tips for creating the perfect picture wall

While there's really no wrong way to create a picture wall, there are ways to make it more visually appealing and way to make it fit the wall space in your home. These tips will help you place your picture frames, arrange your pictures, choose your matting and love the finished results.

  • Don't be afraid to mix colors and textures. All of the frames on your picture wall can and should be different colors -- colors that complement the room. You can experiment with different textures to create depth on your wall and draw attention to important photographs.
  • Add in some personality. Don't be afraid to add in some of your own unique style and personality. You can frame your child's artwork, a love letter from your husband or mix in a framed mirror or 3D hanging wall letter.
  • Leave plenty of space on the sides, top and bottoms. Don't fill a wall from top to bottom, side to side with picture frames. The only way this works is if you use the same style and size frames and cover the entire wall with even spacing.
  • Play with color and black and white. If you want to get really creative, add in some black and white photographs amongst the color photographs and even color-block your wall by sorting and selecting which photos (and the colors in each photo) go best with other photos.
  • Start from the middle and work out. After laying out your frames, start by hanging the middle frame and working out. You can figure out spacing between each frame as you go or determine the spacing ahead of time.
  • Determine your space and style first. Measure your wall space to determine the placement of your frames. To avoid unnecessary and extra holes in your wall, tape off a space on your floor (the same size of the wall space you'll be using) and lay your frames within that space to determine your placement.

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