Posted: Dec 17, 2012 5:00 AM
Holiday cards start filling your mailbox just about the time you finish the Thanksgiving turkey. The pictures are beautiful and so festive, it seems a shame to stick them in a basket or throw them away. We have a few creative ways to display them that turn cards from near and far into decor for the year.

Your friends put so much effort into creating the perfect holiday card, it seems a waste that nobody gets to see them on display. The family pictures are fun and the holiday graphics are beautiful, so why not put them on display in a fun way?

Fill the frame

Use a wide ribbon and hang it down in strands over a picture frame or mirror. Attach the cards to the ribbon, then hang them in rows, randomly filling them in as more cards arrive. This works really well with a large mirror hanging in the hallway or over the mantle, where visitors will see the display.

String them along

Whether you have a mantel, a picture window or just an open doorway you have a great place to string a strand of holiday cards. Use yarn, ribbon or heavy string in a bright red or other color to complement your holiday decorations. Measure a length long enough to reach across the area, with room to let it drape down a bit. Attach the cards with small clothespins or punch a small hole in the card and tie it on with a small bow. This is especially fun with photo cards because it puts the smiling faces front and center.

Make a mosaic

Why keep the whole card, when the pictures and designs are the fun part? Cut a Christmas tree, wreath or other fun shape from a piece of poster board and hang it on a door. As cards arrive — and after everyone has seen the message inside — cut out the family pictures or holiday designs from the front and arrange them in a fun mosaic. Kids will have fun getting creative with the placement of family photos and holiday scenes — and you get to enjoy your cards in a new way.

Why not a wreath?

A wreath is such a traditional symbol of Christmas — why not fill one with cards? There are so many different ways to create a wreath of cards. The only limit is your imagination. One way is to buy a straw or foam wreath from the craft store, then cover it with wide ribbon or fabric strips. Cards can be attached with small clips or straight pins, and you can keep adding to it as cards arrive. If you have lots of cards to display, you can make several wreaths and hang them in different rooms in your home.

However you choose to display your holiday cards this year, let them add to the holiday spirit in your home.

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