If you're overwhelmed by the thought of spring cleaning, you're not alone! With a few tips to keep you on track — from making a list of must-do tasks to ditching distractions so you can stay focused — you’ll have the house spic, span and organized, just in time for spring!

Make a list

Like any other project, it's a lot easier to tackle spring cleaning if you start by making a list of must-do tasks and prioritize them. Identify what you absolutely need to get done, room by room — like cleaning the walls, washing the windows and scrubbing the baseboards — and use that list as your game plan so you can stay focused. Plus, who doesn't love that feeling of physically crossing something off a list once you're done?

Minimize distractions

Once you have your prioritized task list, make notes on anything you might need to buy first to accomplish that task and shop before you start cleaning. There's nothing like a run to the store to pick up a Magic Eraser to distract you and derail your progress! Here are a few more ways you can minimize distractions:

  • cleaning suppliesKeep the TV off. If you listen to music while you clean, create a playlist so you're not channel surfing on Pandora or flipping through iPod playlists.
  • Put all the supplies you need to tackle a room in a cleaning caddy and take it with you. Back-and-forth trips to the kitchen or garage for cleaning supplies can be another time-wasting distraction.
  • Shut your phone off or put it in the other room. Whatever is happening on Facebook is always going to be so much more interesting than the dust on your furniture!

Set realistic goals

Avoid unnecessary stress by setting realistic goals. Be honest with yourself about your expectations and how much you can really get done during any given weekend. If you need a month so you can tackle two living spaces each weekend, like living room and master bedroom one week, office and play room another week, give yourself a month to get it done.

Get the whole family involved

One way to make spring cleaning less overwhelming is by getting the whole family involved — so you're not shouldering all of the dirty work! When you sit down to prioritize your task list, make assignments for each family member. If the kids are old enough, offer them the option to pick three tasks from the list that they can own from start to finish. Of course, once you've all tackled your respective tasks and spring cleaning is complete, reward yourselves for your hard work with a family dinner out, trip to an amusement park or other activity that gets you outside of the house to celebrate!

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