Are we sick of chevron yet? It's zigzagged its way straight into our graphic-print loving hearts and is probably there to stay, but we're pretty sure that our families are going cross-eyed from all of the chevron around our house and in our wardrobe! Add a few of these fun patterns into your life — they all go great with chevron, in case you were wondering.


What is it^ Pronounced like e-cat, rather than i-cat, like you would most likely assume, Ikat is actually a fabric dyeing technique, rather than a pattern. Dating all the way back to the Dark Ages, Ikat has made its way into mainstream in the past few years, exploding in the worlds of both home decor and fashion.

USE IT^The fun thing about incorporating Ikat into your home or closet is that no two Ikat prints look the same and the term Ikat applies to fabrics and prints that span a variety of patterns. Find the Ikat that works best with what you're already working with — pick one that's subtle for a soft touch to an already bold room, or use a bright Ikat print to spice up your wardrobe!

For your home

PRICE: $48/ set of two
Ikat home pillows

For your closet

PRICE: $138
Ikat Frequencies Shirtdress

These bright, sunny Rizzy Home Ikat Pillows (Walmart) will add a pop of ethnic print to a solid color couch or chair easily.

If you're looking for Ikat for your wardrobe, Anthropologie should be your first stop. We love this bold printed Ikat Frequencies Shirtdress (Anthropologie) that can easily be dressed up with heels or down with flat sandals.


What is it^ Transitioning from chevron to honeycomb will be an easy move. Anywhere you were considering adding a pop of chevron, try a hint of honeycomb instead — you can thank your local beehive anytime!

USE IT^Honeycomb patterns are typically more delicate and intricate than a big, bold chevron, so you can use it as a seamless addition to nearly any other patterns you have... even a chevron! When wearing honeycomb, use it as a layering pattern that can be built upon with other pieces. At home, it can be used in large or small doses.

For your home

PRICE: $20
Graphic Geometric Honeycomb Pattern Art Print

For your closet

PRICE: $75
Honeycomb Copper Cuff Bracelet

Add this Graphic Geometric Honeycomb Pattern Art Print (RetroMenagerie via Etsy) to your existing art wall or use it to add some spunk to a corner of your home that's looking quiet.

Or, for your wrist, we should say. Check out this gorgeous Honeycomb Copper Cuff Bracelet (Jennifer Co via Etsy) for a serious way to say goodbye to chevron and hello to honeycomb, as far as fashion is concerned.


What is it^ We're pretty sure that triangles can thank the recent popularity of arrows for their newfound fame in the land of prints, but we love it either way.

USE IT^Triangles are a print that aren't messing around — they're fun and as graphic as you can get! Sometimes used in a simple manner — just as triangles on their own — and sometimes pulled together into a more complex triangle pattern, your BFF chevron won't mind a bit, really.

For your home

PRICE: $39
Triangle-Chain Shower

For your closet

PRICE: $15
Ditsy Triangle Print Dress

Show your bathroom a little triangle print love with this Triangle-Chain Shower Curtain (Urban Outfitters), which is also available in yellow.

Look closely... this dress is swarming with tiny triangles! The Ditsy Triangle Print Dress (Forever 21) is available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X for those of us who aren't, ahem, actually forever 21.

Bold stripes

What is it^ We're pretty sure you know what bold stripes are, and if you love chevron, it's likely that bold stripes are already second on your must-have patterns list. The thicker, the better when it comes to stripes!

USE IT^Bold stripes are, well, bold! But, they are also easy to integrate into other elements in your closet and home because they are often times bold but simple. Play around with color when it comes to your bold stripes — you don't have to stick with black and white or navy and white to make bold stripes work!

For your home

PRICE: $6+
Porcelain Stripe Trays

For your closet

PRICE: $35
Printed Lace-Up Espadrilles

The Porcelain Stripe Trays (West Elm) are bold with a capital "b," while being perfectly pretty at the same time.

If you're going to go bold, these cute shoes are going to do it for you this summer! The Printed Lace-Up Espadrilles (GAP), also available in yellow, will look fresh with a pair of white cropped pants or your favorite summer shorts.


What is it^ A first cousin to chevron, herringbone technically has a break between each zigzag, or a line down the middle, distinguishing it from our beloved pattern. It may be hard to tell if a pattern is a chevron or a herringbone, unless they are put up next to one another.

USE IT^While we don't necessarily suggest that you use both chevron and herringbone together, if you mix the thickness of the stripes — for example, a bold chevron with a thinner herringbone — you might be able to get away with it. Otherwise, replace anywhere that you would use chevron with herringbone to freshen up the patterns in your home and wardrobe!

For your home

PRICE: $132+
Hand-Woven Sisal Seagrass Rug

For your closet

PRICE: $78
Herringbone Stripe Tunic

There's no denying that herringbone looks its best in naturally woven fabrics and the Hand-Woven Sisal Seagrass Rug is proof!

While herringbone probably makes you think of heavy wool winter coats, the Herringbone Stripe Tunic (J.Crew) is the perfect way to lighten up herringbone for summer!

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