While we all love to add new Christmas decorations to our stash each year, those little touches can get pricey. We've found 10 festive pieces that won't blow your budget.

Sparkle away

Price: $12, ZGallerie
ZGallerie whimsy ornament

Getting glam

Pier 1 Imports red bow silk pillow

Sometimes, it's the little details that shine the brightest. We love the Whimsy Ornament because it's adorned with gold, glitter and snow white beads. We love the idea of decorating with one of these in an unexpected spot! Forget the tree and think mantel decor!

Christmas isn't Christmas without traces of holly berry red sprinkled through the home. We love the look of this festive red bow silk pillow among our everyday sofa throw pillows. And the rhinestone-crusted jewel in the center of the bow is just the icing on the cake.

Serving it up

Price: $15, Target
Target oval red tray with handles

Sleigh bells ring

Price: $15, Pottery Barn
POttery Barn antiqued bells

The holiday season is filled with impromptu guests, planned parties and a whole lot of fantastic food. This lovely oval red tray with handles is the perfect vibrant holiday touch for your holiday entertaining. You may love the rich red so much that you won't want to put it away after the holidays!

Last year, we saw hurricane vases filled with Christmas tree ornaments. This year, we're filling those same hurricanes with something old that's new again — antiqued bells! We love the rustic quality of this set of 23 bells that includes five large gold bells, eight small gold bells and 10 small silver bells. And we may just shake them within earshot of the kids on Christmas Eve!

Stitched up

Monogrammed towel

When decorating the house, the kitchen, where we spend so much of our time during the holidays, is often neglected. We think this pretty monogrammed wreath linen tea towel, with a single letter embroidered in silver in the center of a delicate swirling holiday wreath, is the perfect solution to that problem!

Upward bound

Amaryllis red bulbs

Dash away all

Price: $20, Heather's Paper Crafts, Etsy
reindeer Christmas sign

Amaryllis red bulbs are a sure sign of Christmas. From the second the leaves poke through the soil to the rapid growth as the stalk soars upward to the moment the brilliant bloom bursts open, these lovely bulbs bring joy that lasts through the entire season.

Raise your hand if you know these names by heart: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph. Yep, Santa's reindeer. It doesn't matter how old we get because there's always a bit of that childhood Christmas wonder within us. What better way to teach our kids the names of the beloved reindeer but with this reindeer Christmas sign ... the perfect decorative cheat sheet?

Hung with care

Price: $20, Robayre, Etsy
Etsy silver strand of circles holiday paper garland

Lit from within

Price: $20, Target
Target flameless votive candle set

We love the versatility of this 12-foot long silver strand of circles holiday paper garland. So far, we've thrown around the idea of hanging it over the guest room headboard, lining the banister and hanging from the mantel. We might need to order more than one!

One of the upsides to the days growing shorter is that we have the perfect excuse to light candles and spend more time cozied up with the ones we love. This flameless votive candle set is the perfect way to bring candlelight into homes with small children. Extinguish your worries and just switch on some flickering, flameless light!

Happy Holidays banner

Price: $20, Mandy Lindeke Designs, Etsy

Burlap banner

We love the whimsical quality of this Happy Holidays burlap banner with snowflakes and we suspect that this will become an instant favorite in your family. Drape it from your mantel or hang it over a doorway and enjoy it for years to come!

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