Posted: Feb 27, 2014 8:00 AM
Home decor is a personal treasure hunt through colors, styles and the overall feel you're looking to create in your home. Using favorite quotes and inspirational words helps fuse your personal style with memorable artwork. Etsy is the perfect place to find exactly the right word decor for your empty walls, mantel or shelves.

Fill your child's room with loving words

A child's room is the perfect canvas for decorating with words and quotes. The simple phrases you use can become part of the love language between you and your child as you cuddle on a rocking chair or point out the letters making up a nickname or their own name. Many Etsy stores will create custom artwork with your child's name.

Giving tree pillow

Give your sweet little boy a place to rest his tired head or let him zoom his cars over a "mountain" made out of the hand-painted down pillow with a quote from The Giving Tree (Etsy, Revival Home Furnishings, $35). The pillow is made to order and inspired by French grain sacks. The simple colors will fit seamlessly into any nursery or child's room decor.

Sweet Pea handpainted sign

Wooden letters are a fun way to spell out a child's name in their room, but wooden signs are another way to personalize wall art. The hand-painted Sweet Pea wooden sign is an adorable pop of pink (Etsy, Precious Miracles, $21).

Most kids have Dr. Seuss books crowding their bookshelves. With whimsical creatures and silly rhymes, they're favorites to read and hear. Tucked between tongue twisters, Dr. Seuss imparts a lot of wisdom and inspiration for little people. The "More that you read" Dr. Seuss canvas is perfect to hang in a reading corner (Etsy, Leigh Marie Boutique, $18).

Use word art as love notes to your spouse

Day-to-day routines can turn spouses into tag-team partners in parenting. While cooperation is paramount, small reminders throughout your home about the connection between the two of you will help you remember to catch his eye for a quick smile even while you're juggling a slippery, just-bathed child with a bedtime book.

Prop the "Love is all you need" typography word art among your mantel decor (Etsy, The Owl and Otter, $51). The precise laser-cut letters will satisfy fans of geometric designs, and the purchase includes hanging fixtures in case you'd prefer to use the sign as wall art.

Dave Matthews Band quote pillow cover

Perhaps concerts and music are one of the ways you and your spouse connected at the beginning of your relationship. Wrap this sweet Dave Matthews Band quote pillow cover around a pillow on your couch or favorite armchair to remember how much fun you have together (Etsy, Burlap and Grain, $30).

e.e. cummings wooden quote sign

Who wouldn't love to be reminded of how much they're loved on the way out of the house each day? Hang the e.e. cummings wooden quote sign near one of the doors in your home, and remind the one you love that they'll be in your heart no matter where they are (Etsy, Castle Inn Designs, $35).

Whimsical word art to make you smile

Some days the only inspiration you need is a small reminder to smile. Surrounding yourself with words that remind you of a favorite thing — whether it's a movie, place or a special hobby — will inspire you with the possibility of beauty existing in the world around you.

The Princess Bride Movie Quote Pillow (

Home decor isn't only about aesthetically pleasing pieces — sometimes you just want to start a conversation. Delight movie fans with The Princess Bride Movie Quote Pillow (Etsy, Craft Encounters, $40). Filled with memorable lines from the now-classic film, it will lighten your mood each time you pause to read it.

Paris print

During your longest days at home, planning a mental getaway can help make the hours seem shorter. Audrey Hepburn reminds you, "Paris is always a good idea," with this delicate print (Etsy, Dee Dub Designs, $15). Frame the print with a style that fits into your current decor.

Vintage Smart Hand Cut Book Letter

Books house memories for word-lovers, and using vintage books for decoration is a great way to keep books around after they're no longer in good condition. Display this Vintage Smart Hand Cut Book Letter on your favorite bookshelf (Etsy, sugarSCOUT, $28). It will feel right at home, and it's a beautiful way to create a special piece of art.

Let word art remind you of your goals

Inspirational quotes litter the internet. They're found with the click of a button, and sometimes you find yourself emerging from your search 30 minutes later, inspired but with 30 less minutes to take steps toward your own goals. Word art eliminates the need for all that motivation searching. Pepper your home with bits of inspiration, and you'll always have a reminder of your goals nearby.

If you're having a bad day, this pillow will remind you to close your eyes and focus on what brings you happiness. The Find Your Happiness Pillow is a warm shade of gray that will complement most rooms (Etsy, Artanlei, $35). We all have a happy place, and with these fabulous Etsy finds, your home can be one of yours!

Find Your Happiness Pillow

Choose Happiness Wooden Sign

Each day is a new opportunity for a positive outlook, and this custom cut sign reminds you to make a choice about your own attitude. The Choose Happiness Wooden Sign can be hung on a wall or rested against a mantel to bring a pop of positivity into any room (Etsy, The Cut Above Woodshop, $40). The shop will also create a custom cut sign with any of your ideas, so if you've chosen a word as a mantra for 2014, consider having it made into art for your home.

Dream Wildly Reclaimed Wood Sign

Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly way to bring inspiration into your home. Beautifully weathered wood reminds you to "Dream wildly" with this Reclaimed Wood Sign (Etsy, The Summery Umbrella, $50). The cost includes hanging fixtures for the hand-painted sign.

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