Posted: Feb 21, 2014 7:00 AM
There's no doubt that we adore our Mason jars, using them for everything from crafts to food prep to coffee mugs. Check out these must-have Mason jar accessories that will make you fall in love with those simple little jars all over again.


Mason Jar accessories- sip worthy

This wouldn't be a worthy Mason jar accessory list without first insisting that you pick up the Mason jar accessory of all Mason jar accessories, the Cuppow Drinking Lid (, $9). With sizes and styles to fit every canning jar style, size and function — and in a variety of fun colors, at that — they work like a charm to turn your favorite Mason jar into a sippy-style cup that even your kids can use easily... if you let them borrow it, that is.

We love taking our coffee to-go in our Mason jar, but oh my, those cute little things get hotter than hot, don't they? Add a Mason Jar Coffee Cozy (KnottyKnitterPeddles on Etsy, $9) to your must-have accessory list. You can even choose your own colors and patterns!

Leather Wrapped Mason Drinking Jar

Or, give your Mason jar coffee or tea a serious upgrade with a Leather Wrapped Mason Drinking Jar (includes Mason jar, KevinGLeather on Etsy, $24). The Mason jar easily slips in and out of the sleeve for easy cleaning and the leather will help to keep your drink piping hot.

24 Ounce Mason Jar Tumbler with Straw

For mamas who love to sip on something all day long, you need a super-sized jar to avoid having to refill every other minute. Try the 24 Ounce Mason Jar Tumbler with Straw (TheMasonBarCompany on Etsy, $15), which includes the jar, sealed lid and reusable straw. Bonus points: You get to choose your lid and straw color!

Party, party, party

Mason jar accessories party

When it comes to party decor, Mason jars are the most popular girl in the room... until you have a party full of kids, each with a Mason jar full of punch... and no way to tell Sam's drink from Savannah's. Oops! End the confusion with these Chalkboard Mason Jar Labels (IdahoHuntersWife on Etsy, $12 for a set of 18 labels). Various label shapes and sizes available.

Cocktails via a Mason jar? It's a no-brainer. Put this W+P Design Barware Shaker (includes jar, West Elm, $29) to use for when stirring is simply out of the question. Shake your heart out, Mason jar lovers.

Now, that's clever!

Mason jar accessories

Sure, flowers look perfectly shabby chic in a Mason jar, but getting them to actually look that way is not as easy as it looks. Let these Mason Jar Frog Flower Lids help (DownintheBoondocks on Etsy, $20 for a set of 10 lids). That grid will help you keep your flowers upright in the jar... even as they start to droop. Stash the extras in this set away for bringing flowers in a Mason jar as a hostess gift or teacher thank you — then leave the jar and the handy lid behind!

A sweet way to add a touch of Mason jar style to your home is with a pretty, yet functional, Mason Jar Glass Soap Dispenser (Tickled Pink on ScoutMob, $23). Even though this Mason jar accessory looks authentically vintage, they have taken steps to make sure it's usable — the lid is made of galvanized steel, with the underside coated to prevent rust and the pump itself is stainless for an easy-to-clean finish.

Mason jar accessories

Forget the fancy pants piggy banks! Your kids will love using a Mason jar with one of these Coin Slot Mason Jar Lids (MoreSprinkledJoy on Etsy, $3 each) to keep their savings safe and sound... even if it comes exclusively from under the couch cushions and the top of the washing machine.

Many of us use Mason jars for keeping organized around our home. But, if you don't, the Mason Jar Spice Jars with Chalkboard Lids (FivePointsMercantile on Etsy, $14, set of six jars and lids) will help you get started. Don't limit yourself to using them just for spices!

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