Most of us can name our favorite place in our home in the blink of an eye and these moms and bloggers were sweet enough to let us into their own homes for a peek at the spot that they love most. Come on in!

Full of memories

Home fave spots- Nicole YantzNicole Yontz, of The Better Half Blogs, shares that she loves this spot in her home because it's full of memories, "I brought Audrey [her daughter] home from the hospital and sat in that spot and cried, because she wouldn't stop crying and I realized that I had no idea what I was doing." Thankfully, Audrey did stop crying, eventually, and kept filling this favorite spot in the Yontz home with more memories as she grew: "It was this same spot where she crawled for the first time, making me realize I was finally getting the hang of things." Nicole also shares that this is where her husband proposed and where they exchanged vows in front of their loved ones. "In this one spot in my home, I became a parent, a wife and we became a family, and I get to look at it every single day."

Fave spots at home- Rachel

"I had this custom made (by Mignonne Decor) when we bought a new, non-metallic fridge," says mom and blogger at OOGIAHa, Rachel Teichman. "We cover it with our own baby photos and announcements, photos of cousins of all ages, drawings and fun magnets too. It's nice to look at the board and reminisce; we hung it low, intentionally, so that the kids can stop and look at it too, which they do often."

Peace and quiet

Fav spots at home- Emily Johnston bedroomAs you would expect, while many moms would claim their bedroom to be their favorites spot in their home, it's also a spot that rarely gets taken advantage of anymore, and mom to a toddler, Emily Johnston, who blogs at Better Remade, will contest to as much. "My favorite spot is my bedroom, or more specifically, my bed. It's the only place in our house that isn't a complete disaster," she shares. "About once a week, if I'm lucky, I'm able to steal a few minutes to hide out with a glass of wine and a magazine and curl up. Those few moments are the best thing ever!"

Fun... and function

Fav spots at home- Stephanie Navarro

Stephanie Navarro, founder of MaMa Change, tells us that her favorite spot at home is the menu/conversation board in her kitchen. "It's huge, maybe four feet tall. I use paint markers to jot down the weekly menu, or sometimes it has an important quote or lesson. Since the kids see it at every meal, it's a clever way to reinforce topics." Stephanie also shares the fun part about this seemingly functional piece in her home, "Indulgently, it's fun for my self-expression! Who doesn't like to color and doodle?"

Fav spots at home- Alison Hodd

Mom of two and designer of interior spaces, Alison Hodd, agrees that her favorite spot in her home combines a bit of fun and a bit of function: "Our girls' activity room is our favorite spot," she tells us. "While I prepare dinner, they can hang out in there and I can keep a close eye on them. As they get older, I'll change it to a homework zone. And, as a designer of interior spaces, I especially love the cupboard where I can conceal all of their materials!"

I love being able to connect with my family here, more than any other space, as it gives us the freedom to individually work on our projects while staying close enough to share goofy stories or listen to a podcast together.

"Our small house means that we use each room creatively for multiple purposes," shares Katie Laird, who blogs at Happy Katie. "My favorite spot in our quirky, 100-year-old home is our music/dining/office/reading room. Here, I can practice piano as my daughter reads a book, or check my email while she crafts at the dining room table, all just steps away from my guy baking something wonderful in the kitchen, which is nearby." We love Katie's thoughts about her favorite spot at home being the place where her family comes together to spend time in each other's company, "I love being able to connect with my family here, more than any other space, as it gives us the freedom to individually work on our projects while staying close enough to share goofy stories or listen to a podcast together."

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