Make decluttering a fun, pretty and organized affair. We’ve found must-have decluttering and organizing products that will make this job a simple breeze with a pretty result. You’re going to love our organizing product finds.
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Ready to cut the clutter forever? There are great reasons for that. A life coach explains why and we share our favorite decluttering finds for $40 or less. The secret to these great items is the double duty they play: organizing and decorating. With a few tiny investments, you can make organizing pretty and fun. {Yes, you can.}

What most people don't realize is the emotional toll being disorganized can take on you and your family.

After owning a professional organizing company for eight years, Stephanie L. Jones expanded her services to include life coaching and motivational speaking which focuses on goal setting, organizing and budgeting. Jones is a big advocate of getting organized. She says, "Being disorganized costs you socially (missing birthdays and events, feeling like you can't have people to your home) and financially (making double purchases or late payments). But what most people don't realize is the emotional toll being disorganized can take on you and your family. Being disorganized is stressful. By getting organized and clearing the clutter you will feel balanced, relaxed and happy and you'll love the space you have created." She also adds, "I often find that people think "stuff" will make them happy, but it's really about getting rid of the "stuff" so they can focus on what is important in life — friends, family and experiences."

We couldn't agree more. So we've found eight amazing products — each for $40 or less — that are well worth the {decluttering} investment and will add as much to your decor as they will to your organization.

Wayfair gives easy online access to what you need for your home all in one place. Wayfair believes that options for your home can come from just about anywhere, so they carry over 11,000 brands of home products and offer free shipping on almost everything. So let's get shopping — and organizing.

Stackables large trays

Organizing finds- Stackables Large Trays

Floating U shelf

Organizing finds- Floating

With contrasting fabric lined interiors, Stackables Large Standard Trays are perfect for organizing all of your jewelry and accessories. Each piece is sold separately and is designed to be mixed, matched and stacked to meet your individual storage needs.

This set of three nesting Floating "U" Shelves is perfect for displaying your favorite books, collectibles, photos, toys, awards, CDs, videos, decorative items and more. They can be hung with the vertical sides either up or down depending on the effect you want to create. With the vertical sides up, it's like having a built in bookend. These shelves get small items off of counters and are the ideal accent for any living space.

Can-shaped canister

PRICE: Wayfair, $35
Organizing finds- Can Shaped Canisters

Storage baskets

PRICE: Wayfair, $28
Organizing finds- Storage Baskets

This lovely set of Can-Shaped Canisters includes one small, one medium, one large and one extra-large ceramic red canister. They're as quirky and fun as they're functional and sturdy. This set will make a great addition to your kitchen turning your baking staples into a decorative conversation piece.

These pretty woven Storage Baskets are lined with cotton construction and are perfect for organizing and decluttering. These baskets make it easy to add color and reduce clutter in bookcases or in open shelving areas. They come in a variety of colors, but we do love this red.

Eco-friendly cube plus

PRICE: Wayfair, $10
Organizing finds- Cube Plus

3-Piece cracker jar set

PRICE: Wayfair, $10
Organizing finds- 3 Piece Cracker Jar set

Who knew that limitless possibilities live inside this oh-so-basic box called the Cube Plus ($22)? You can use it as a low-profile bedside table — there's plenty of room to store all those magazines and novels you're going to get to soon. A pair would look great on either side of the couch with a set of matching lamps. When you run out of chairs, just pull up a Cube Plus and sit down. And it's a great building block for your own customized furniture ideas. Enjoy the world's easiest assembly: just peel, stick and done. These cubes come in a variety of colors, are lightweight, easy to assemble but are sturdy and a pretty addition to your decor — and your decluttering.

We love this 3-Piece Cracker Jar set ($28). This set includes one gallon, two quart and 32 ounce jars all with brushed aluminum lids. They're great for storing dry goods in the kitchen or for other household storage needs creating a whimsical, rustic and — importantly — organized look for small items.

Keepsake box with lid

Organizing finds- Asteria Rectangular Keepsake Box with Removable Lid

Soft sided container

Organizing finds- Soft Sided Storage Container

Sometimes getting organized is as simple as finding a home for all of the little things lying around — a beautiful home that is. The Asteria Rectangular Keepsake Box with Removable Lid is an exquisitely crafted hideaway for your jewelry, mementos and other treasures. Each box is lovingly handcrafted by expert artisans and stonecrafters.

This pretty soft-topped rectangular box is perfect for storing away larger objects in a container that's meant to be seen. The Soft Sided Storage Container gives easy access within perfect storage for unsightly items. And the fabric design is absolutely to-die-for.

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