Posted: Mar 28, 2012 2:59 PM
It can be hard to truly enjoy a night out with the girls after you have kids, but a happy and refreshed mom does everyone good. Here's how to let go of any guilt you feel about leaving your family for a few hours to hang out with your best friends.

Your friends have invited you to go out, and you panic — how will you leave your baby? How will your husband handle the twins when they fight? Will you get a tearful phone call in the middle of dinner or the show? And how can you handle the guilt? Here's how to have a night out with your best friends and leave the guilt behind.

Leave good notes

For whoever will be in charge of your brood, whether it be dad, grandma or a paid babysitter, make sure you leave behind information about your kids as well as how you can be reached. Dads won't need as much info as a babysitter will, but it may still be a good idea to leave out comfy pajamas and point out favorite movies and bedtime books.

If they freak

If your kids cry and wail when you leave, give them a quick kiss and leave with confidence. After you've reached your first destination, give home a quick call and you'll most likely be reassured that everything is fine and the hysterics were short-lived.

Use your phone

It's not a bad idea to check in halfway through your evening. It can lift your spirits to know that they got off to bed with no issues, and even if there are a few bumps in your night out and you do receive a phone call from home, any problems can usually be solved with a quick word or two from mom.

A happy mom is a good mom

A night out away from the daily grind can do wonders for your mental health and general relaxation. With preparation, you can rest easy knowing that your kids are in good hands, and that can be the first step in having a good time. Letting someone else handle dinner and bedtime can be so liberating, and the companionship of good friends may be just what the doctor ordered.

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