Posted: Jun 04, 2012 8:00 AM
Tattoos definitely don't have the taboo they used to. But some moms still wonder if getting a tattoo to commemorate their child's birth is trendy or trashy. I'm on the fence, but I've made a list of things to consider before I hit the tattoo chair. You decide.

Image vs. name/birth date

Okay, so in my humble opinion I think picture tattoos are creepy, so photo re-creation tattoos are a definite no for me. But if you decide to go with a photo image, make sure to have an in-depth consultation with your tattoo artist for some tips on how to choose an image that will best represent your child. I'm thinking my kids' first names or their first and middle names. Some moms also include their kids' birth dates or an original piece (like angel wings) with kids' names or initials integrated within the art.


Despite the fact that I have four tattoos, you would never know this based on looking at me. My tattoos are all located in discreet places that I would never reveal in an office environment.

Tattoos have come a long way, but I still don’t want to have to reveal a tattoo in a job interview someday. That said, I am running out of really sneaky places to put a tattoo.

This one's a keeper

The good thing about a tattoo commemorating my children is I'll never, ever have tattoo-ees remorse. A tattoo paying homage to the joy and love that my kids have brought into my world will be my way of expressing that joy and love for them.

As a mother's love is forever, so is a tattoo. Remember that when you are deciding on a tattoo design. Don't choose anything too trendy that could fall by the fashion wayside along with legwarmers and scrunchies.

I think as long as a mom tattoo is done in a classy, simplistic and fairly discreet manner, it can't be considered trashy. But the choice is really an individual one. I know I've made up my mind. What about you?

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