Posted: Mar 31, 2012 10:38 PM
All of us strive to reduce stress in our daily lives, but according to a recent study by eHarmony, stress is not always necessarily a bad thing for a new marriage.

Marriage and stress

Recently, eHarmony conducted a study analyzing how stress and partner support affects couples in the first year of marriage. In this period, couples will have to work through new life changes, and each partner must learn what the other needs to stay happy and feel supported.

When couples encounter stressful situations, they need to work together to understand the problem and find a solution.

When couples encounter stressful situations, they need to work together to understand the problem and find a solution. The study's findings indicate that this collaboration actually helps strengthen the relationship.

Nearly 39 percent of 602 individuals surveyed reported at least one area of high, chronic stress. Some of the most common acute stressful events affecting couples in their first year of marriage include changing schools, becoming unemployed, successes at work, reorganizations at work and reoccurring physical illness.

We aren't recommending that anyone go out there looking for more stress, but situations of low stress combined with high support can actually be very helpful in strengthening the bonds of a new marriage.

Money tips for newlyweds

Money is one of the main causes of stress and arguments among married couples. However, with a solid game plan, you can stop money issues before they start.

  • Start a joint savings account — As soon as possible, open an emergency savings fund with a goal of saving at least six months worth of income. You never know when you are going to encounter loss of employment or unexpected bills.
  • Purchase life insurance — Though it's a tough topic to talk about, all married couples should have life insurance. It's important to have the money you need to cover expenses if you were to lose your partner suddenly. Now is also a good time to draw up a will.
  • Create a budget — When you were single, you could fly by the seat of your pants, but married couples need to get serious about their finances. Whether you need to pay off debt or want to save up for a new home, a monthly budget is essential. is an excellent money management program (and it's free!) to keep track of your budget and expenditures.

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