Posted: Apr 15, 2012 4:40 PM
Mommyhood can be lonely... and dirty... and hectic... and lonely. Sometimes it’s just easier to put on some sweatpants and completely disregard your social life. But the easier route is seldom the best route.

If you're busy planning play dates, running the household and working hard for your family, you're probably lacking in the friends department, but the truth is that moms need friends too. If you're stuck in a rut, consider making an effort to dust off the social skills and develop friendships this summer. Your social life and your sanity will thank you.

Worth the effort

It's no secret that parenting is a tough job. As rewarding as the job may be, it can also be exhausting. Without taking time to recharge your batteries, mommy burnout is a real possibility. Fortunately, spending a little time with other moms can provide a little perspective and an opportunity to build trusted relationships. "No man is an island and no mom can go it alone," says Vivian Scott, a conflict resolution expert. "We need each other! The best thing about getting to know other moms is realizing how normal your struggles are. There's always going to be a mom experiencing a road we've yet to travel and moms who will be following after us. Share what you know and be open to learning more."

Your new BFF could be sitting right next to you. Rather than zone out as the clock ticks, start up a conversation.

Be the friend you want to have

It's pretty common for us to get set in our schedules and routines, but when we do so, we often miss opportunities to meet the moms that may be right in front of us on a daily basis. The next time you're at the playground with the kids (or soccer practice, or a school function, etc.), take a look around at the other moms who are sharing your experience. Your new BFF could be sitting right next to you. Rather than zone out as the clock ticks, start up a conversation. If you proceed without expectation you could very well establish the groundwork for a friendship before the kids are finished playing or soccer practice is over.

Out and about

"Getting a life" doesn't necessarily mean regularly getting together with the girls for a night on the town (although that sounds like fun). Getting a life could be as simple as having an actual conversation with another adult who understands where you are in life. This is how friendships are sparked! If you're a bit on the shy side or just too preoccupied with keeping kids safe at the park, order some customized "mommy business cards" from a stationery store ( has some super-cute options) to hand out when the opportunity presents itself. Add a quick message such as "let’s get together" or "a play date awaits." Whatever method you choose, make a commitment to make some mommy friends and find some support for your parenting journey.

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