Posted: Apr 17, 2012 7:02 PM
Are you always tired? These easy, energy-boosting tips will help you beat fatigue and feel more energized all day long.

Is daily fatigue getting you down? Our seven tips will help you maintain your energy level all day long.

Eat often and eat right

Beat fatigue by keeping your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Eat three squares a day and add nutritious snacks — low-fat cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, bananas — in between meals to maintain a high energy level.

Avoid processed and fatty foods — like too-convenient drive-thru and vending machine foods — that leave you feeling lethargic. And pace yourself — overeating at any one meal or eating too little throughout the day will sap your energy.

Aim for light yellow pee

Are you drinking enough water? Water helps your body absorb food, transport nutrients and eliminate waste. Inadequate hydration can leave you feeling sluggish.

Carry water with you and drink it before you get thirsty — once you’ve reached the point of thirst, you’re already mildly dehydrated. If you’re drinking enough water, your urine will be light yellow or clear.

Get moving

Your body may be begging for a midday nap, but what it actually needs is an energy boost. The best energy comes not from sleeping — which actually makes you feel less energetic — but from getting your heart pumping.

Step away from your desk to stretch your legs or take the kids for a walk around the block. A brisk 10-minute walk will wake you up. Aim for three short walks every day, and before long you’ll want to do more!


Check list

When you’re disorganized, you’re stressed. Too-busy schedules and too much stuff can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Take charge of your household schedule: Keep your daily calendar up-to-date and check it every night before bed and in the morning when you awaken. Knowing what to expect each day makes doing what needs to be done easier, and you won’t be caught off-guard by unexpected appointments or forgotten last-minute projects.

Next, reorganize your home with manageable daily to-dos. Tackle the kitchen pantry one day and the linen closet the next. You’ll be energized by a sense of accomplishment and less burdened by unsettling clutter.


Sometimes the repetitiveness of your daily routine can put you in a low-energy slump. Break up the monotony by helping out at school or lending a hand at the local food bank. When you do for others, you return to your own familiar surroundings with revived energy and a new appreciation for your blessings.

Find a hobby

Pick up a hobby that you can look forward to each day — learn to knit, paint or play an instrument. After you tuck in the kids for the night, you’ll be less likely to collapse into bed and more likely to spend those precious quiet evening hours on your hobby.

Pamper yourself

Carve out some me time and guard it with your life. Enjoy a date with your hubby, take in a chick flick with your BFF or enjoy a pedicure at your favorite salon. It’s not selfish... it’s energizing!

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