Posted: Aug 06, 2012 10:00 PM
This is going to sound crazy at first, but hear us out – spend a week getting up an hour before your kids normally roll out of bed and see the positive ways it will affect your days. Here are five great reasons to give it a try!

The number of chores you can get done will blow your mind

As a mom, sometimes you look back on a day and wonder what exactly you did... you know what we mean, right? There are those insane days when you are lucky to get one load of wash in the machine and three pairs of clean socks put in the correct drawer before you are pulled away on a mommy-task. But when you get up and hit the chores right away in the morning, sans kids, you will bust through more chores than you will believe was possible in one hour. Reward yourself with a hot shower before they wake up... you deserve it.

The blissful sound of silence

This should probably be number one on our list, because for many moms, the only moments of silence in your house are when your kids are sleeping. Sure, it comes at the end of the day after bedtime, but by then, you're spent. Tack that extra hour of quiet on the beginning of your day, and you'll be glad you did. Use it to just sit and bask in the quiet — maybe catch up on that book you've been trying to finish for three months or just enjoy a cup of coffee.

Eating breakfast alone — for the first time in years

Can you even think of when the last time was that you had a leisurely breakfast? Get up and take your time making whatever it is you love for breakfast... even if that's cold cereal and store-bought orange juice — it doesn't matter what you eat, just that you get to eat it all by yourself.

No more screaming toddler in the jogging stroller

This is completely the predictable answer to why you should get up an hour early, but it's worth emphasizing. Getting up and getting your workout done before your kids get up will kick-start your day in a way that nothing else will. Not only will you be able to get a better workout than you will when you have to keep stopping the jogging stroller to give your kiddo more snacks or put her straw back in her juice box, but after you work out, you can jump right in the shower and get dressed for the day — no more back and forth between real clothes and workout clothes and back again.

Remember the news? It still exists

Once upon a time, we bet you used to keep up with current events. You know, on the news? That show that's on television that isn't Dora the Explorer? The news is still there, and it's waiting for you. Catch up on it before your kids get up while you get your day in order. Or, even better, watch that soap opera-esque TV show that was on last night at 10:00 that you couldn't keep your eyes open for!

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