Posted: Jun 22, 2012 11:00 AM
Deciding to go back to school may seem more like a juggling act when you're a mom, but you don't have to choose between your family and furthering your education. From having your family help to hiring help, check out these three tips to balance family and school without losing your mind.

Ask your family to pitch in

When it comes to the household chores, getting the whole family involved will make going back to school easier. But it doesn't mean you have to look like the bad guy. "Make the transition easier for everyone, including yourself, as you redefine your work/life balance by having a family meeting and discussing what it will take for you to be successful at school and at home," suggests cofounder Maria Bailey. "Get everyone's buy-in, including small children who can help... by cleaning their rooms and putting away laundry."

Become more efficient

When your time is split between family and school, maximizing your tasks is a skill you must master in order to remain the ringmaster of this three-ring circus called life. Making lunches the night before and preparing and freezing batches of food will maximize your efficiency at home. And opting for online classes or evening classes when your kiddos sleep can help you manage your schedule with ease. Or, for those also balancing a career, look into job sharing, telecommuting or reduced hours during your school semester to give you more time to focus on school and family without breaking a sweat.

3.^Hire outside help

Create a support system when you go back to school by hiring a babysitter, setting up a babysitting swap or getting a mommy's helper, suggests Bailey. You can also look into your campus's on-site childcare options which will save you time normally spent commuting back and forth to school — not to mention the cost of daycare.

Along with these three tips to balance family and school, go online or contact your school's financial services department for grants and scholarships for moms. Educational funding, such grants for women and scholarships for single parents, can help ease your financial strain while juggling motherhood and your education without having to sacrifice your sanity!

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