Posted: Jun 11, 2012 6:00 AM
It seems that when it comes to sex, moms aren't getting nearly enough. Fifty percent of women would like to see more sexual spark in their marriage. Here's how to not only make time for sex, but also how to heat things up.

A recent study published in Fitness magazine reports that 50 percent of women are looking for a little more time spent rolling around in the sheets with their spouse.

Yes, the common refrain is how tired moms are at the end of the day, but these numbers suggest that although we're exhausted, we still want to make time to physically reconnect with our spouse more frequently.

Fitness' study reports that the average length of time for lovemaking was 39 minutes. Surely we can all find 39 minutes a few times a week, right? Here's how to make sure those 39 minutes actually happen:

Talk about it

Sometimes anticipation is half the fun. Try sexting your partner during the day to help build up the excitement. You may find that remembering how to flirt makes you feel vibrant and sexy.

Visualize it

One of the biggest challenges women face is pure exhaustion by the time they've tucked the kids into bed. As you try to shift your focus to quality time with your husband, try envisioning the things that you love most and remembering how good those things feel. Whether it's kissing your neck or other, more racy spots, remembering how that feels might just help get you in the mood.

Schedule it

If you look at your calendar, you'll likely see dentist appointments, ballet lessons and soccer games all written in ink. We keep those appointments because we know that they're important. Why not try the same thing for sex? Try adding time for your spouse in your calendar in ink and remind yourself how important intimacy is for a healthy marriage.

Remember it

If you're having trouble making the shift from mom to wife, try thinking back to the heat that brought you and your partner together in the first place. Remember when you couldn't wait to tear each other's clothes off? Get lost in those memories and you may just be in the mood quicker than you imagined.

Skip it

Yes, foreplay is wonderful. But sometimes, the exhaustion that kicks in at the end of a long day means cutting to the chase a bit quicker. Once you accept that it's okay to skip foreplay, you'll feel the pressure lift and you'll be able to truly enjoy the moment.

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