Posted: Jun 05, 2012 10:00 AM
If your run on the treadmill is no longer keeping you inspired, it may be time to ditch the same ol' same ol' for a fun new workout. allParenting seeks out some fun and different workouts that will give your exercise routine a kick in the a**.

The mini-gym: Interval fitness training orange theory fitness

Workout fiends and novice exercisers alike are shunning the mega-gym in favor of smaller mini-gyms with interval fitness training sessions. Places like Orangetheory Fitness are gaining popularity for its quick, structured interval-style workouts. In the course of an hour, you'll do intervals on the treadmill and rowing machine, use free weights and do suspension unit training (more on that later). The intervals are designed to utilize your whole body and kick-start your metabolism. Sign me up!

Hard-core workout DVDs p90x workout

No doubt you've seen the commercials for the P90X or Insanity workout DVD systems that show super-chiseled men and women glistening with sweat as they perform hard-core cardio? Yeah, we've seen them too. Have you wanted to try them? Yeah, us too. These DVD systems encourage hard and fast sweat sessions that will leave you panting for more! They are crazy addictive but totally hard core -- so be ready to take a few breaks as you get the moves down and get your stamina up.

Suspension training equipment

TRX suspension training equipment was designed for Navy SEALs, so it's no pansy workout. The bodyweight exercise equipment develops body strength, balance, flexibility, core stability and endurance. You can take the portable system with you and do it anywhere -- like in your family room while baby naps! No more excuses, ladies...

Self-myofascial release techniques

Say what? Yeah, that's what we said. Turns out this form of rehabilitation exercise enlists a foam roll to help users reduce body pain and tension (something new moms have in excess) and improve flexibility and function. This workout is ideal for new moms recovering from a difficult labor or C-section. If you are recovering, check with your doctor before you try this or any new workout.

Zumba Zumba

Zumba fitness is a Latin-inspired dance workout and though it's not new (it was created in 2001), its popularity has been skyrocketing lately. Check out a Zumba class at your gym or local rec center, or buy a Zumba DVD and shake it in your own living room. Zumba fitness has branched out to incorporate Aqua Zumba, Zumba in the circuit and Zumba toning.

Working out with your kids Kinect sports

From biking and hiking to playing Sports 2 on Xbox Kinect, working out with your kids has never been more fun! Don't limit yourself to traditionally kid-friendly workouts -- however, you'll want to make sure any activity you're doing is safe for your kids. Do some research to see if your city offers mom and me yoga classes, kid-friendly fun runs or even family-oriented boot camps. Hoorah!

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