Posted: Jun 15, 2012 10:00 AM
Although hours of time have slipped away as I stumble my way through Pinterest, it is my family who has benefited most from my latest obsession with this digital bulletin board. From cutting my time in the kitchen to keeping my kids from driving me batty with crafts and activities, find how Pinterest has made me a better mom.

Just like the post, "Your kids want you," written by April Perry on, I know my kids love me (despite the fact my cupcakes are lopsided) -- and Pinterest helps fuel my strengths and balance out the insanity.

Owl sandwich

Spend less time in the kitchen

Sometimes deciding what to cook is the toughest part for me, but with a quick swipe of the mouse, my Pinterest friends are there with new recipes to try without wasting hours over cookbooks. The digital bulletin board also is my favorite source for ideas on how to trick my picky eater into devouring an entire home-cooked meal in the shape of an owl. And, links to super cooking shortcuts give me more time with my kids and less time in the kitchen. (Original Pin source).

Crocheted hat

Make more time for hobbies

When you become a mom it's easy to lose your identity, but by sticking with your hobbies, you can actually be a better mom to your kids. Pinterest makes it easy to find new ideas when I get bored of my usual hobbies -- this digital bulletin board is oh-so-smart. When I have a little time to myself and want to get creative, I simply type in "hobbies" and it lays tons of ideas at my fingertips: from ballet to reading to knitting flower-adorned hats. (Original Pin source).

Salt crafts

Keep kids entertained

Especially when trying to beat summer boredom, Pinterest has helped me keep my kids entertained while helping me keep my sanity with ideas for kids' crafts and activities. And, I don't need every toy to be handmade or to create every spec of birthday party decor from scratch. But it is nice to have a few ideas to get me started, especially when I'm ready to blow my top on my cooped-up kids. (Original Pin source).

Bottom line^ Although there's no arguing that social networking can suck you in, the number of ways that Pinterest made me a better mom goes on and on. Although my cooking will never be perfect and my hobbies are ever-changing, my family can attest that my time spent on Pinterest has been hours -- er, time -- well spent, because I'm a happier mom for it.

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