Posted: Jun 29, 2012 6:00 AM
Listen in while moms air their dirty laundry and yours too. Find out what bothers moms the most about each other.

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My biggest pet peeve is competition between moms. It is so insidious, it can even creep up among friends. You know what I mean. One minute you are having a fun playdate and the next thing you know, you are suddenly being shamed because you didn't breastfeed for two years or bother to teach your baby to read by the age of 3. We all have high standards for ourselves, but that's no reason to make other moms feel badly because they don't measure up to your own parenting style. -Hillary, mom of one

My baby is better than your baby

What I really hate is the implied competition that comes with bragging on your kids. Sometimes I'm afraid I even do this myself because I am really proud of my kids for all the things they excel at. I'm excited that my oldest is really smart at school, my youngest is potty training really fast and my middle child is really good at making friends. Of course I want to talk about these things, but I don't want anyone to feel like I am being judgmental of their children when I do. All kids are different and it's the differences, not the similarities, that make them special and unique. -Elise, mom of three

Don't discipline my child, I'm right here

I don't mind when other people discipline my child when I am not around, but when I am standing right there it totally irritates me. I might have a different parenting style than you do, but that doesn't mean I don't have a handle on what's going on with my children. Talk to me before you jump in and discipline my child. -Angela, mom of seven

Helicopter moms, stay away from my kids at the park

I play with my kids plenty, but when I take them to the park, I just want to kick back and relax. I hate it when other moms think your kid is being neglected because you're sitting down reading a magazine. Please don't put my kid on a climbing structure he can't get down from and then flash me dirty looks because you think I'm ignoring him. I'm not ignoring him. I just need a little downtime and my kids are just fine playing by themselves for a few minutes at the park. -Maren, mom of three

Don't tell me my kid was the only one not invited to the birthday party

There are so many potential minefields when you are a parent. Our children are an extension of ourselves and so of course, it hurts us deeply if we feel they are being wounded in any way. Just recently, I was informed that my son was the only boy in his class not invited to a birthday party. Hello? File that under something I didn't need to know, okay? I'm not advocating for all kids to be invited to every birthday party, but I certainly don't think you need to go out of your way to tell someone that their child was the only one left out. -Hillary, mom of one

Did you ditch your baby at the play area?

It really upsets me when I see these moms at the mall who ditch their kids at the play area and then go off to shop. It's so irresponsible -- it makes me want to call mall security. Shopping with kids is a pain but hire a babysitter if that's what you really need to do. -Karen, mom of five

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