Posted: Dec 26, 2012 5:00 AM
Making a marriage last for the long haul seems to be impossible if you believe the news reports. After the wedding cake is cut and thank you notes are written, there are a lot of compromises and concessions you both need to make to keep your marriage strong. Keep reading for bits of advice from long-married couples about how to keep that knot tied.

The Harveys

Patti and Stan Harvey: married 46 years

"One person cannot make a marriage work. It takes both partners, fully committed to each other and determined that their marriage is a life-long journey. It is important to treat your mate with the same amount of kindness, respect, affection, support and encouragement that you showed before your walk down the aisle. Be a better listener than a speaker, tell the truth but always with love and kindness, forgive each other, celebrate accomplishments and happy times, and express love and hope when things are difficult. Discuss your goals and dreams, and walk together through life with purpose. Enjoy being together and laugh often. I believe that these things, along with a solid faith, will lay a foundation that can withstand difficult times when they come. And through the years, even in painful times, the foundation you built will make you stronger and drive your commitment deeper."

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