Posted: Jul 05, 2012 11:00 AM
Even though moms typically take the lead when it comes to managing the home, they definitely aren't compensated appropriately for their efforts. Being a domestic CEO is a hectic, time consuming and high-pressure gig, that just got a little easier (or at least more organized).

For all of the headaches that technology can bring to a family, there are definitely some huge benefits. Case in point: The introduction of, a new online tool designed to help Mom manage her empire (otherwise known as, her household).

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The buck stops with Mom

You've probably seen the report which determined that moms should earn a salary of over $134,000 a year. With all of her responsibilities, this number makes sense. "It's a job where you are responsible for the management of multiple schedules, often within tight budgetary constraints, all the while staying focused on the continued development of the people in your charge," says Kirsten Bischoff, a former financial professional who founded with Megan Brown, former Managing Director at Bear Sterns and Director at JP Morgan.

Your plans: Hatched

Trying to juggle your schedules, favorite blogs, family photos and daily conversations takes a lot of bandwidth -- usually far more than most moms have to spare. can help you stay organized, on task and in contact with your support staff as you go about your day. Some of the tools you'll love include:

  • A shareable, color-coded calendar that allows you to keep your social network in the loop as you see fit.
  • A Group feature that enables a number of people to participate in an on-going conversation, making planning events or organizing playdates so much easier!
  • A Newsfeed that consolidates all of your favorite news sites, blogs and web sites. "I love this area when I am killing time waiting in the car for my daughter to get out of tennis," says Bischoff.
  • A photo board that keeps the pictures you snap private, allowing only invited guests to view them (really helpful for those cute bubble bath baby pics).

Always on the go

If you're reluctant to use an online management tool, now may be the time to jump in with both feet. makes it super easy to get started. "We are fully mobile and that is key to how families are living today," says Brown. "You can't take that kitchen white board with you when you are constantly on the go so whether you are using Android, iPhone or iPad to manage your family on the go we have an option for you!"

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