Posted: Aug 10, 2012 8:00 AM
Having trouble staying motivated? Try group fitness classes. With classes ranging from combat to pole dancing, it’s easier than ever to find something that works for you and keeps you coming back each week.

While some people are content to spend an hour on the elliptical machine watching The Bachelor, others struggle to stay motivated about fitness without a little boost. Group fitness classes, available at local rec centers and gyms, offer expert instruction and camaraderie. Learn how to get motivated with the right group fitness class.

If you need to calm down

Try a yoga or Pilates class for a low impact fitness routine that helps strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Quiet and focused, these classes often serve as a type of meditation for those who stick to the routine and develop the strength and flexibility to perform all of the poses and moves. Don't get discouraged if you struggle at first. Stick with it and you'll see improvement each week.

If you're fired up

Have a lot of energy and stress to burn off? Try a cardio class with a focus on kickboxing or martial arts. You don't need a background in fighting to enjoy these classes, many of which are set to high-energy music. Classes involve a series of routines that are simple to pick up but surprisingly challenging if you push yourself. Don't forget a towel and water bottle.

If you want to get strong

Strength training is difficult to do correctly without guidance. Strength-related group fitness classes combine mild aerobics with exercises meant to build muscle and strength. Try a class with barbells, such as Les Mills BODYPUMP™, to build lean muscle that burns fat. Ask your local gym if they supply equipment or if you need to bring your own.

If you love to move

If you miss heading to the club to shake your body, a dance-inspired fitness class may be the perfect kind of motivation. Classes like traditional belly dance, Zumba® and even pole-dancing inspire women to sweat off calories in a festive atmosphere. Bring a friend for extra motivation. Don't be nervous if you're not a great dancer. Just head to the back of the classroom and prepare to learn some new moves.

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