Posted: Aug 14, 2012 10:00 AM
When was the last time you sat down with paper to pen a love letter to your partner? With technology making handwriting seem as archaic as Atari, it’s probably been ages. While the art of handwriting has fizzled, your love life shouldn’t suffer. Here are several ways you can still shower your partner with a little digital love.


If your honey follows you on Instagram, sprinkle your photo feed with an occasional pic of you holding up an I love you sign, a snapshot of a love letter you actually penned, or even a sentimental pic from a milestone, like a first date or your wedding day. You can even have the kids put all those toys on the floor to good use and arrange them in the shape of a heart, spell out Dad and snap a photo to share.

Get vocal

Grab your smart phone and record a voice memo. Whether you're offering words of encouragement by wishing him luck on whatever meeting or work event he might have weighing on his mind, or simply reminding him how much you love him… sometimes just hearing your voice is the perfect remedy for a hectic day. Or, you can up the ante on your romance factor and leave a voicemail with a song that's special to the two of you.

All thumbs

Do you find yourself several years into a relationship and wondering where all the compliments, playful innuendo and batting eyelashes went? A simple text is a great way to rekindle the flirt fest that was part of your dating ritual. Let your thumbs do the talking and shoot off a few flirty little texts about how handsome you think he is, how hot he looked that day or how great he smelled.

Love on film

Grab digital photos and videos of the two of you, hop on your iMovie or whatever editing software you prefer, and make a digital film set to songs that have meaning in your relationship. Every year on our anniversary I make a video for my husband that chronicles the previous 12 months of photos and video clips we've captured, with our favorite songs from that year as a soundtrack.

You've got mail

At the end of the day, few things compare to a good old-fashioned letter… via your computer. Pull up a Word doc or a blank email, tap your inner romantic and take the time to tell him all the things you otherwise just don't say often enough. Send your love note via email when he's least expecting it.

I love you because

If you want to send daily digital love notes but aren't sure where to start, try starting the day with an "I love you because…" then just fill in the blank. With a thousand reasons to be thankful for love in your life, you'll never run out of words to finish that sentence.

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