Posted: Aug 31, 2012 5:00 AM
Don't let summer come to an end before you squeeze in a few hot summer date nights with your honey. Send the kids to the grandparents for the night and plan a sexy date that will leave you feeling hot, hot, hot!

Sexy on a shoestring budget

Even if funds are tight, don't forego a hot summer date night with your one and only. Simply plan a sexy night at home by serving up a simple dinner (think chicken and veggie skewers with a light salad and fresh fruit) and DIY cocktails and then taking a post-meal dip in your pool -- swimwear optional!

Go dancing

What could be hotter than spending an evening sweating it out on the dance floor? Whether you choose salsa, ballroom or a bump and grind club, spending the night shakin' your groove thing is sure to set the stage for a sexy sweat session between the sheets later.

Dine (and drink) al fresco

As the sun goes down, go on a dinner date at a hot new restaurant with a happenin' patio scene. Order the specialty drinks, take advantage of the happy hour menu and slowly savor a sexy dessert together (think Champagne and strawberries).

Nighttime hours

Take advantage of after-dark events that are oh-so-popular during the summer. Search your local newspaper or fave discount sites for a foodie festival, live music/entertainment in a neighborhood park or an art walk. Stroll hand in hand or snuggle up on a grassy knoll and soak up some solo time with your man, while enjoying a little grown-up culture.

Stiff competition

It's no secret that men love competition. Challenge him to a round of mini-golf (loser buys beers afterwards and has to give the winner a foot or back massage) or bet him you can hit the ball faster/harder/farther at the batting cages. Up the ante as the competition gets stiffer... Is it getting hot in here or is it me?

Date night in

Sitter cancelled? Your 7-year-old started running a fever just minutes before you were set to step out for the night? Don't delay your date! You can still have a steamy night in after the kids are asleep. Order a sexy flick, open a bottle of wine and turn the lights down low. VoilĂ ! Instant hot date night -- no sitter needed.

Mom tip

Busy moms, we know that time to spend getting all dolled up on the daily is a luxury that has probably gone by the wayside since welcoming your children.

However, we encourage you to spend a little time primping and preening before your hot summer date night. Not for your man (he loves you no matter what you look like). We mean for you. That's right, Mama. Give yourself a little DIY makeover and you'll feel the part of the hot mom that you are.

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