Want to add a little sexy to your workout routine? From muscle-firming pole dancing to core-building hula dancing, fitness studios across America are helping women shed pounds while learning the art of seduction.

Pole fitness

If you ever decide to brave a pole fitness class, you'll soon realize you might have underestimated the athletic prowess that goes into pole dancing. From a strong core to firm arms, a boosted booty and rock-solid thighs, the benefits of poll fitness abound. The dance elements of this class provide a cardio workout and the pole tricks and maneuvers you'll learn (that leverage your own body weight) provide a strength training element for a fitness one-two punch. If you're new to pole fitness, be prepared to be fearless. It takes guts (and a lot of strength) to propel your body around the pole.


Some gyms offer what they've dubbed burlesquercise -- combining principles of jazz, Pilates and even Latin dance basics to build your core while you shimmy, shake and master burlesque moves. The classes cover the elements of a classic strip tease, from seductive walks and struts, to kicks and turns. Classes typically include routines with props, like feather boas, and sections of dancing in heels. One more reason to go shoe shopping!

Hot hula fitness®

Hot hula fitness® is a sexy workout created by Anna-Rita Sloss, inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands. The routines isolate your core with specific emphasis on the abs, rear, thighs and arms. Dance routines are set to the backdrop of everything from rhythmic Polynesian drum beats to hip hop and reggae. Hot hula fitness is a 60 minute, full-body, non-stop cardio workout that can burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories. With all of the waist-whittling movements and super sexy sways, you'll be shedding pounds in no time!

Exotic dance

Some fitness studios, like Stiletto Shimmy in Southern California, offer exotic dance workouts. These classes are centered around sultry dance essentials, from body rolls and hip circles, to seductive dance steps, footwork, body posture and body language. Leave your inhibitions at the door because these classes include sultry lap dance routines using chairs as props, floor movements and the fundamentals of strip tease.

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