Posted: Sep 26, 2012 9:00 AM
When you have one child, she can fit just fine in your cute (or practical) two-door vehicle, but once you have another baby or two, you may be checking out how a minivan will fit your family -- or into your garage. Coping as a minivan mom has never been easier.

Ah, the minivan... a mom's vehicle. As you add more kids to your family, you may find yourself staring down the minivan row at your local dealership or used car lot. Whether you're a busy mom with lots of kids or one with just a couple of children who have a lot of activities, a minivan may make more and more sense to you -- even if you swore you'd never get behind the wheel of one.

Why minivans rule

Everyone was squished in the back seat and now they have freedom to move.

The moms we spoke with who have -- and love -- their minivans usually have more than two kids and needed more space than a regular car has to offer. "I have a Chrysler Town & Country (Touring Edition) minivan," raved Angela, mom of three. "I love my minivan, and here's why... I can open and close the trunk and side doors with my key control. All of the car seats fit amazing. It's great on gas. It has [ample] storage -- and it is safe! I was rear-ended in the thing and it wasn't as much damage as it should have been. It is a solid beast!"

Moms with kids in activities love minivans for the same reason. "It is so much easier to lug around their soccer, lacrosse and hockey equipment in the van than it was in our car," explained Alisha, mom of three. "We ran out of room. Everyone was squished in the back seat and now they have freedom to move."

Even for smaller families

I would buy one in a heartbeat...

Even moms of two (or less!) enjoyed the idea of space a minivan has to offer. "I really want a minivan," shared Janine, mom of one. "I'm tired of installing a car seat in a 1987 Dodge Shadow hatchback. There is no space!"

And Kim from Canada agreed. "We've borrowed my Dad's Grand Caravan for road trips and that thing is amazing," she told us. "We have two rear-facing kiddos so we put them in the middle row and it's easy for one of us to sit in the back and entertain them. It has a ton of storage space and uses about the same amount of gas as my Chevy Malibu, which is not a lot! I would buy one in a heartbeat if we could afford to change vehicles."

Chances are, if you decide to go the minivan route, you'll fall in love, too.

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