There's no question that writing can be therapeutic. But when you receive a devastating diagnosis like cancer, can writing help? These survivors say yes.

There's power in writing through the most difficult times of our lives. It allows us to not only document it, but work through the situations through the written word. And if you share online, there is tremendous opportunity to connect with other moms in the same situation -- even when that situation is breast cancer.

So, why do moms blog their illness?

Blogging cancer

It really helps me to stay true to myself, and it's so fulfilling to know people are helped by the blog's message of hope.

"I started the blog as a way to solicit and share stories, and it grew into an amazing community where like-minded cancer survivors, professionals and friends come together. I share resources and information, but find I get the most comments and feedback when I talk about my journey," says Tami Boehmer, who blogs at "It really helps me to stay true to myself, and it's so fulfilling to know people are helped by the blog's message of hope. At the same time, I really feel supported when I share difficult things."

Boehmer is a breast cancer survivor and author of From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds. She says that it's been therapeutic and supportive. "The catalyst for this was a doctor who told me I would certainly die of breast cancer. I wanted to prove she was wrong and show that statistics don't show the whole story. Each time I heard an amazing story, it gave me hope that I could make it, too," says Boehmer.

Working through it with words

"Writing about having a diagnosis of breast cancer and all that it entails has been therapeutic. I find it's easier to write about the situation and some of what I've experienced than to actually talk about it," says Patti Villers, a breast cancer survivor, mom of two and newspaper reporter. Villers blogs at Late Bloomer Boomer.

More breast cancer blogs

There are some really powerful and inspiring breast cancer blogs out there. In addition to the other ones mentioned above, these are some of our favorites.

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