Posted: Oct 12, 2012 10:00 AM
Maybe your man has a passing interest in football (or none at all) and you carefully plan birthday parties to occur on any day but Sunday. Despite what your relatives think, this is not crazy. Make the most out of your different interests as the season unfolds.

The NFL season is underway, and you've been glued to the screen or attending games like the proper football fan you are. But what if your man isn't all that hip on the NFL? Just like not all gals love football, not all dudes do either, so if you've found yourself in a relationship where your interests don't match, there are ways to keep you both happy.

Make football day a feast

Who doesn't love a good meal? Guys definitely do! If you plan a fun lunch or dinner around football-watching time, it's easier to keep everyone in the house happy. Definitely start preparations well in advance so you don't miss kickoff. Don't worry, though, you can still keep it easy. The crock pot will be your best friend (put on some chili early in the morning), or create a buffet of everyone's favorites. Chopped veggies and dips, chips and salsa, little smokies and cheese cubes, meatballs -- or order your family's favorite pizza.

Invite your friends

Even if he isn't interested, try watching together a time or two. Invite your friends or family, or make it a playdate for your kids. Getting together with others is part of the fun. Chances are, some of your friends are also fans and you can talk football while your guy pals around with his brother.

Take turns

If you enjoy watching your game with little to no distraction (and who doesn't?), trade off watching the kids with your partner. Agree that he can go do something he likes each week for three or so hours so you can have your shouting match with the TV in peace.

Despite your different interests, there is no reason football should come between you two. Turn it into a fun-filled hollering-at-the-TV time for everyone.

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