Posted: Oct 21, 2012 10:00 AM
Motherhood is all-consuming, exhausting and ridiculously rewarding. Through all of the ups and downs, the roller coaster of emotions and the trials of life, it's impossible to deny the importance of a true best friend.

My BFF lives on the other side of the country and we aren't able to see each other very often. Still, she is a rock and one of the only constants in my life. Every mom needs a friend like this to help keep the scale of sanity tipped in a favorable direction, to pick up a late night phone call or to talk you down from whatever proverbial cliff you're perched upon.

It can be virtually impossible to carve out time for a shower some days, so long distance friendships tend to fizzle.

We met in the hallway of the Sigma Chi fraternity house during a party in college. I was probably drinking a Natty Light. She was probably drinking something mixed with Pepsi. It didn't take long for us to join forces and start planning more collegiate adventures together, even though our personalities could not be more different.

She is truly refined, she never cusses (I'm pretty sure gosh darn it is the dirtiest thing to come out of her mouth) and somehow always manages to look perfectly pulled whether she's wearing something from Target or Barneys. I, on the other hand, shop at thrift stores, have a mop of curly hair that will never be refined and am a recovering potty-mouth. An unlikely pair indeed.

Like most college friends, we went our separate ways after school but we knew we'd always be friends. Over numerous states, a handful of relationships and a string of jobs, we've shared life's challenges, tears, victories and pain. To me she is the ultimate wife, mom, professional, decorator, planner, gift-giver and -- most importantly -- friend.

Every mom knows how difficult it can be to stay connected with friends over distance, time and stages of life. It can be virtually impossible to carve out time for a shower some days, so long distance friendships tend to fizzle. For us, a yearly girls' trip has been key to maintaining a solid relationship. Whether it's a reunion over a college football game, a weekend at the beach or quick distraction during a destination business trip, seeing her is a priority for me. I always leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated, loved... and a little heavy hearted.

Comment BeLow!^ It's helpful to glean inspiration from other moms who are dedicated to maintaining their friendships, so share your best tips! How do you celebrate your friendships and stay in touch in the throes of motherhood?

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