Posted: Jan 06, 2013 8:00 AM
Stretched too thin with a non-stop schedule but have a hard time turning down obligations and commitments? Stop being a yes mom and learn to just say no.

If you feel pulled in 100 directions and your to-do list is taking over your life, you owe it to yourself, and those around you, to skip the guilt trip and start saying yes to saying no.

Life is too short for resentment and regret

It often starts out very innocent. You're already over-committed but take on one more obligation for a friend or family member, knowing that you really shouldn't pile more on your plate. Sure enough, you drudge through whatever it is that you committed to, but spend the whole time stewing in resentment. Save your time, emotion — and that relationship — and find a way to pass instead.

You have nothing to prove

The reality is your kids only need you to just be mom.

In a world full of super moms, it's way too tempting to try and hold yourself to some virtually-impossible standard just because other moms seem to be doing it. Sure, you can try being a career mom, soccer mom, homemade-sweater-knitting mom, classroom volunteer, carpool queen and PTA mom all at the same time… but the reality is your kids only need you to just be mom. Say no to taking on the world so you can spend less time being super and more time being mom.

Every hour of your time is valuable

While being a grown-up does come with its share of responsibilities, one of the biggest perks is that you've earned the right to choose what you do with your time. If your schedule is owning you and your time is being dictated by to-dos with only a sliver of your day left up for free time, it's time to start saying no. Each hour of every day is yours and it's valuable.

You're not being selfish, you're being responsible

You owe it to the other commitments you've already taken on...

So many times women won't say no because they think they'll be perceived as selfish. Think of it this way: Saying no when you're already committed is not selfish, it's responsible. You owe it to the other commitments you've already taken on, and to the people who are counting on you to fulfill them, to give those priorities your full attention. When you add more tasks to your list, everything else suffers.

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