Posted: Jan 14, 2013 5:00 AM
If you’ve ever found yourself feeling a little mentally sluggish (and, really, what mom hasn’t?), it may be time to check out some brain games. Science suggests that you really can improve your mental health by training your brain.

Moms can use every advantage possible when it comes to juggling the daily tasks of life. If brain games really can make a difference, why not sign up for some mommy play time?

Make the time

A lot of moms spend a good chunk of time policing their children's computer use so online games for mom may not be high on your list of interests. But, when you take a look at the research on online cognitive training programs, you may make a beeline for the computer. One web-based program,, is making a huge impact on the parenting community. "Training your brain with Lumosity improves core cognitive abilities such as memory and attention, which can help busy moms keep up with their kids, remember appointments, think faster and feel sharper," says Erica Perng, a spokesperson for

Your brain, better.

Improving cognitive abilities such as working memory and visual attention is possible via web-based applications

Plenty of scientists have dedicated their careers to researching the brain's capabilities over the years. Clinical findings have been documented in countless studies and publications but today, with the convenience of online programs, moms can bring the power of science right into their homes. According to a recent study published in the Mensa Research Journal, "improving cognitive abilities such as working memory and visual attention is possible via web-based applications outside of a clinical setting."

The right program

Now that you're imaging the awesome power of your vastly improved brain, how do you pick a cognitive training program? "Consumers should look for games that are based in neuroscience and have solid scientific research backing the program, train a range of core cognitive abilities, and offer a comprehensive and personalized system that tracks performance," suggests Perng. The ability to access games online or via smart phone applications is also a plus for busy moms.

Not just for moms

While moms are tasked with juggling multiple schedules, responsibilities and mental checklists, it makes sense that they will benefit from cognitive training but the rest of the family can improve their brainpower too. "People of all ages can benefit from cognitive training and improve their core cognitive abilities," says Perng. The brain has a remarkable ability to rewire itself and constantly absorb and adjust to new information — a natural feature that can benefit the entire family.

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