Posted: Jan 20, 2013 9:00 PM
Being a stay-at-home mom is one of the most demanding jobs out there, and even though you may stay at home full time, that doesn’t mean you have plenty of time to get everything done each day. Hiring a nanny or a babysitter for a few hours each week may seem crazy if you’re staying at home, but we bet that you’d have plenty of things to fill in that time with.

Is it crazy for a stay-at-home mom to hire a babysitter or a nanny? If you're a working mom, you may not be able to imagine why there'd be a need for a sitter if mom doesn't work. And some stay-at-home moms might feel that it's totally unnecessary. However, some of us SAHMs think it sounds like a dream come true. And if you can spare the funds, should you do it?

Staying at home

On one hand, if you're staying at home with your kids, you may have made the conscious decision to stay at home and not put your kids in daycare for a myriad of reasons: you want to be the one to take care of your child full time because you feel that you're best qualified to be her primary caregiver, or you don't want to worry about her getting sick all the time. It may not make total sense to hire a sitter when you're home with your kiddo. Or does it?feather duster

Hiring a sitter

So how can you justify spending some of your precious cash flow for a sitter? If you are a SAHM, close your eyes and think about how you'd use a few hours to yourself a few times a week — or even once a week. You would be able to clean your house without someone coming along behind you undoing all your hard work. You'd be able to sit down and perhaps read a book or work on your favorite hobby. You could go out and grab some coffee with a girlfriend, or take a lunch with your husband.

Not out of line

It's really not totally outrageous to consider hiring a sitter if you're a stay-at-home mama. Parents hire sitters all the time for a night out — there really is no difference if you're using her during the day. And really, what you do is best for your family, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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