Does your mom ever come to visit and laugh at all your baby stuff, wondering why on earth you need it all? But you're secretly wondering how in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks she got by, raising you with pretty much nothing. Especially without these six critical mom must-haves...

Smart phone


In this day and age, a multi-tasking mom is pretty much the norm. From answering emails while you watch your child's soccer practice to ordering a birthday present online while you make dinner — a smartphone can feel almost like another appendage (in a good way!). These cell phones with brains also help moms stay connected to each other through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, the social media list goes on... Not to mention, they make you feel, well, smarter (or maybe that's just me!) when you're suffering from a perpetual case of mommy brain.

woman texting


Technically, this could fall under the category of the smartphone, but it really deserves its own category for an endless list of reasons. Think of how much time moms save not having to talk to that person. Now, we aren't dissing the art of the phone call and a good conversation is a must from time to time — but when you're in a crunch and don't have time to do more than fire off three to four words (which, let's face it, is most of the time) texting is every mom's BFF.

internet browser

The internet

So you're probably seeing a technology trend here. But let's face it, gadgets and gizmos are really what sets us apart from our parents' generation. And the internet is no exception. From WebMD to allParenting (wink, wink), there are a plethora of websites that provide helpful information for moms. Not to mention, there's fabulous online shopping once you get the little one to sleep!

woman watching tv

Reality TV

At the end of a long parenting day, there's almost nothing better than turning off your brain and immersing yourself in someone else's problems. Reality TV can be one of the best escapes for a mom and it's a darn shame that our mothers didn't have it. Whether it's housewives or Jersey girls, the high drama can instantly make any mom forget about her own, suddenly very trivial, parenting trials and tribulations.

woman holding ipad


Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve Jobs. Whether it's a long airplane ride or a regular ol' night when mom just needs a few minutes to get some work done, the iPad can be a lifesaver. To keep her child occupied, a mom can download educational apps, movies, music and everything in between.

Google calendar

Shared calendars

We're not talking about the calendar that's held to the kitchen wall with a thumb tack, we're referring to the month-by-month planner that can be found on a smartphone and/or computer. With a shared digital calendar, moms, dads and kids can all be privy to the family's schedule. And with the amount of sporting events, school functions and social engagements that each person in the brood has today (that can't have changed that much since we were kids), it's a wonder our parents could have kept anything straight back in their day without the help of a digital planner.

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