Posted: Feb 03, 2013 4:00 PM
Instagram is a part of all of our lives now and we're excited about the new products being developed to put our Instagram shots to use. Check out these new ones on the Instagram-market, including some fun Instagram gifts!


From Instagram, with love

Forget emailing your latest Instagram favorite! Next time you want to share that can't-be-missed shot with your family and friends, use Postagram. Start by adding the Postagram app to your phone, then use it to send a real life, not a digital, postcard in the mail. Yes, that's right, in the mail — the stuff that still gets delivered to that mailbox in your driveway that you never check anymore. Each Postagram costs less than $1 to send and your lucky recipient can even pop out your photo from the postcard to keep!

Instagram calendar

Instagram 365

The New Year is here and you're still using your calendar from last year... oops! Time to throw 2012 out the window and usher in 2013 with a fresh new calendar, using your Instagram pictures as the background. But, if you've made a custom calendar in the past, you know how painful it can be to get all of the pictures uploaded and perfectly placed. With Keepsy and Instagram, it's easier than choosing a filter for your shots! Calendars start at $20.

throw pillow Instagram

Custom & cozy

Winning the ahhh award for this round-up, Stitchtagram uses your Instagram photos to create a custom pillow that your kids will fight over every single evening. All handmade by a team that reaches up and down the East Coast, the pillows are 15x15-inches, have a black denim cover in the back and come filled with a comfy pillow insert, so they are RTS (ready-to-snuggle). At $68 each, this isn't the cheapest way to bring your Instagram photos to life, but it's certainly the sweetest!

Instagram cuff

Wear your feed

While you love all of those perfectly-filtered Instagram photos you take, sometimes, there are a few that you just adore and that, despite your novice photographer status, are gorgeous! Show off your Instagram favorites with an Instagram Photos Metal Cuff Bracelet ($30, Etsy). Each bracelet is custom-made, using ten of your own photos. Pick from white metal for your pictures to pop or clear metal for a more subtle look — both will make a statement!

A few more tips for moms who Instagram

  1. If you're having a party, create a special Instagram hashtag for guests to use, which will allow you to collect all of the pictures they take in one place on Instagram. For example, use #SamTurns3 — be sure to post the hashtag on the front door for guests to see as they arrive!

  2. We all heard about the privacy/selling pictures situation that happened recently. Keep yourself informed by reading the most updated Privacy Policy, which breaks down all of the details.

  3. Be sure to turn on the feature that automatically saves all the Instagrams you create on your phone. When you need a photo later, it's much quicker and easier to email yourself the full-sized photos from your phone's photo feed, rather than via Instagram's, which essentially only sends you a link back to the photo on the Instagram website.

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