If your husband does not share your affinity for the Real Housewives here are 5 tips that may just convince him to curl up with you and a Bravo TV marathon.

At the end of a long day of feeding, bathing, changing diapers, doing homework and tackling an endless mound of laundry, most mothers relish the opportunity to curl up with a nice glass of merlot, turn off that part of their brain that requires any real contemplation and sink their teeth into whichever Bravo TV housewives show is playing on the tube at that very moment. Perhaps watching this show fulfills their primal need to be a voyeur and get a peek into the lives of others as a means to get some kind of perspective on their own. And based on all the silicone implants, lip plumpers, rhinoplasties, liposuction and gobs of money spent like it's as plentiful as water springing from a faucet, there is a heavy dose of perspective to be gained.

Unfortunately, while these faux celebrities with their harems of nannies and psychic visits may provide a much needed respite for women who need some vicarious glamour and escape, getting one's husband to watch The Real Housewives, by any other means than strapping him to the couch, is a feat most women are still trying to master.

Use The Real Housewives as an exercise in bonding for 2013

Therefore in an effort to strengthen your marital vows in 2013  one way you and your husband can begin to do so is to try to take more of a vested interest in programs that you are both passionate about, as opposed to reverting to your separate rooms as soon as the kids are tucked into bed for your primetime television watching.

Draft cheat sheets

Don't be afraid to each draft a cheat sheet for each other, in this case you can list every squabble and rumor each housewife is currently embroiled in to get your husband up to speed and even draw diagrams. And your husband can craft a similar cheat sheet for you explaining, in great detail, all the sports terms that have escaped you.

Five tips from savvy bloggers

If, however, you have found you are unable to get your husband to watch even a 10-minute segment of a Real Housewives episode, without cracking under the pressure, raising his voice quite loudly and remarking that every time he watches this show he believes he loses an IQ point, here are tips from some very savvy bloggers to help you get your beloved to sit through an entire episode with nary a word of sarcasm.

  1. Bribery

    According to Adam Cohen this goes back to wives rewarding husbands for being good. The bottom line is straight up bribery is the only way to get me to watch that nonsense.

  2. Use the old tit for tat

    Corinne Ingrassia says, "If I am willing to sit through his boring episodes of How it's Made, he has to watch my show. Rules are rules."

  3. Use sex as your leverage

    Erica Voll says simply promise sex after. Done. "I should also mention I don't watch that show, but we do watch a lot of Top Gear, if you get my drift," notes Voll.

  4. Remind him it could be worse

    Tania Reuben admits her husband will only opt for a Real Housewives episode if, "It's my turn and I offer it as the lesser evil, i.e. 'Do you want to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Honey Boo Boo?" Reuben advises, find another show that is even less appealing and you never even have to watch the loss leader!

  5. Let him play video games

    Beth Feldman says just buy him the Wii U and have him play games while you watch your favorite show.

If all else fails, tell him there is always the possibility that The Real Housewives will break into a game of football — and would he really want to miss that?

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