Posted: Jan 31, 2013 12:30 PM
The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and you want to plan an awesome get-together for your family and friends. The problem is, not everyone loves the gridiron like you do. No worries — you can throw an awesome football-themed party everyone will have a blast at.

Super Bowl Sunday — a day of football, family and fun. Yes, even if you don't enjoy the bone-crushing good time on the TV, you can still have a great time at a football-themed party.

Good eatscheddar stuffed pretzel bites

Every football party starts with delicious food. You can stick with traditional foods like chips and dip, pizza, wings and beer, or try a few new recipes this year that will appeal to moms, dads, kids, friends and grandparents alike.

Some of our favorite unique recipes that work well on game day are cheddar stuffed pretzel bites, Lauri Jo's cheese ball, chili roasted sweet potato nuggets and meat lover's 4-layer pizza dip.

Smart planning

Appetizers are generally a big hit in groups — folks can serve themselves and go back for more, so try to set your spread like your favorite buffet. Place plates, utensils and napkins at one end to keep the line running smoothly. Have plenty of seating to go around — regular furniture is fine, but don't hesitate to bring in lawn chairs if needed. You just need a place to plant for a few hours. A big cushion on the floor might even work for the younger generation.

Alternate area

card deck

The main event surrounds your entertainment system, so you'll want to ensure ample seating so everyone can view it. You might also consider creating an alternate seating area for those who don't care for football to sit and chat without the distraction of the TV. Your kitchen may be just the place — plenty of seating and a table for playing cards or board games. Or set up an area in another part of your TV-viewing room, with a card table or comfy chairs and TV trays.

Keep it flowing

Be sure to circulate on a regular basis through your guests. It (likely) won't kill you to miss a few minutes of the game to get caught up with your friends and family. Football parties are just parties, after all, and it can be pretty easy to have a good time with these tips in mind.

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