Maybe you weren’t blessed in the breast department, or your hips just aren’t the same since you had kids… but every woman has at least one thing they wouldn't fix. Instead of focusing on what they’d change, we asked real moms what they love about their bodies and the answers might surprise you!

I'd be kidding if I told you I'm comfortable with every inch of my body after it went through a rollercoaster of weight changes from having two children not too far apart. While there are many wonderful things that come with being a mom, positive self body image isn't always one of them.

However, one of the great things about being a mom, being a little older and a lot wiser, is a sense of appreciation that only comes after you realize that you have far more important things to consume yourself with, other than your own appearance. While anyone could write a book on the things women would change about their bodies, we asked these moms what one thing they love the most about their looks.

Little middle

Michelle Maffei — Southern California

"Although it could be a little slimmer, I have to say I don't mind my torso much. It's longer than average and makes me feel thinner, even when I'm packing a few extra pounds!

Gun show, anyone?

Robin Laatz — San Diego, California

"I'd have to say my arms," says this mom of four, including newborn twins. "After carrying around two 6-pound babies all day, they got toned super fast!"

No cankles here!

Katie Kavulla — Seattle, Washington

"This might be a weird thing to say, but I love my ankles. They never get fat, even when the rest of me does. Even during my three pregnancies, they were always perfectly skinny. Hmm… maybe this ankle obsession and my shoe obsession have something to do with each other?"

The eyes have it!

Molly Cerreta Smith — Scottsdale, Arizona

"I love my eyes. They are round and brown and big and get even bigger when you tell me something funny. I love that I can express myself with my eyes. Plus, I love putting sparkly, bright blue liner on my eyes."

Two cheers for her rear!

Sherri Kuhn — Livermore, California

"I would have to say my rear end. It's probably the only body part I haven't tried to change over the years. It's cushy enough to sit on the bleachers for a soccer game, yet not so cushy that it jiggles!"

Treasures her booty

Rachel Voorhees — Northern California

There's no shame in Rachel's game! She told us, "I am particularly fond of my rear and work hard for it. Ha! Can I add in legs?" Yes you can, Rachel!

Me? I wouldn't change my complexion. I'm grateful to have good skin and I'll milk that for as long as people will still look surprised when I tell them I'm inching ever-so-close to 40!

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