Posted: Mar 11, 2013 12:00 PM
Calling all mothers who worry about their kids! Okay, now that the entire mom population is listening, do you want to find out how your smartphone can help you let go a little and give your child a lot more freedom? Repeat after us: Hello apps, good bye paranoia.

Baby steps, baby steps. Birds may be able to push their babies out of the nest and trust they'll fly, but some moms need to slow it down just a wee bit. Smartphones can help the transition as you learn to loosen those reins on your children. Love 'em or hate 'em, smartphones and their apps are helpful in not only keeping tabs on your child, but in calming a frazzled mom's nerves. (It's like having an assistant, a babysitter and a therapist all rolled up in one.)

Did your child arrive at his destination?

The app^TwistTwist app

How it gives you Peace of mind
This app lets you know if your child arrived to his destination on time. And if he's going to be late, it'll tell you that too!

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iPhone & Android

This app alerts you not only when your child is expected to arrive somewhere but if he is late. Twist is an estimated time of arrival (ETA) app that your children can send directly to you via text or email to let you know when they'll arrive at a specific address based on mode of transportation (walking, driving or bus). If they're late, it'll automatically resend you a corrected ETA. Even better? It's not a socially public app. This app allows your child to selectively send a twist directly to whomever he chooses (um, you!). The app also provides him with maps, real-time traffic info and photos of the end location.

Is your child texting and driving?

The app^Free Safe TextFree Safe Text app

How it gives you Peace of mind
It disables the ability for your child to text and drive!

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: Android

This is an app with the goal of preventing your child from texting and driving — a frightening thought that gives any mom heart palpitations. It works just like airplane mode. All your child has to do is press the on button before he starts to drive. It also turns on when on GPS mode after your child hits a certain speed. Anyone who texts your child will automatically receive a message letting them know he is driving and will respond shortly. Your child will not know someone texted him! (No distraction = no danger.) Once he's parked, he turns the app off and receives the text messages.

If your child needs help

The app^EmergenSeeU

How it gives you Peace of mind
It sends live video, audio and GPS to you and to public safety officials that have partnered with EmergenSee.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iPhone and Android

We always hope our child will be able to dial 911 if he's in danger, but if he's unable to make a phone call, with this app, the child can share/stream live video, audio and GPS location immediately with you (and other preset contacts) and public safety officers in the area that have partnered with EmergenSee.

And for those of you worried about your child who's heading off to college in the fall (or already there) this app (specific to university campuses) also connects to the university they attend, and those inquiries get flagged additionally to the campus security responders. It's just another way to help you breathe easier at night.

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