Posted: Mar 21, 2013 10:00 AM
You feed yourself and your kids, but do you give your marriage the nourishment it needs? How many mornings have you put your spouse on the back burner to focus on the children? The early morning is a critical time when you should give your marriage the TLC it needs (and we're not just talking about you know what).

Before you balk at the thought of getting up while it's still pitch black outside because sleeping in is so much better... read this! Trust me, spending just one pre-dawn hour with your man in the morning can change your marriage.

There's nothing like waking before your entire household. The house is silent, save the occasional snore or, in my case, the lullabies floating through the air from my toddler's bedroom. My husband and I wake early — at 5:30 a.m., when there is no sign of the sun. We often say we feel like we're in on some brilliant secret, or that we won some imaginary parenting battle. We got time to ourselves!

It might be a fire-up to haul your booty out of bed, but if there's any reason to do it, it's for your marriage.

Tip^ If you need caffeine to get going (I know I do) set your coffee pot the night before. It helps. It really, really helps.

Coffee with a side of cuddle

Speaking of caffeine, we suggest you grab more than just two mugs of coffee this morning (wink, wink). You and your man will be two caffeinated adults with kids tucked away in their beds. I smell more than the vanilla beans wafting from Mr. Coffee... I smell a serious make-out session (or more) for you two this morning! You'll discover that even though it's the crack o' dawn, once you're awake, there's something invigorating about it. There's something truly exciting about having that time to do — or talk about — whatever you want, all the while knowing that the entire day is still ahead of you. And if you do decide to just cuddle as you watch the sun rise, there's nothing more romantic.

Couple working out at home

Work out

It's true what they say, if you're in good physical shape, you feel better about yourself. And that means you're not only happier but more inclined to feel sexual. And yes, if you're beginning to see a theme here, you're on to me. Because all roads in this article are leading back to physical contact with your husband. It's one of the most important ways that you need to satiate that marriage of yours. If you don't have a workout room in your home and your kids aren't old enough to be left home alone, tag team this one. First you hit the gym or go for a run outside, then him (or vice versa). Time it so you both finish working out with enough minutes left to take a nice hot shower together! (Because, really, when was the last time you did that?)

couple in bed early morning

You know what!

Ladies, if you're like most, you probably swore you'd never turn into that mom who didn't have time to have sex with her husband. But of course that was long before you had to take care of a baby or two or more. And as we all know, everything changes once the little people are under our roof. Gone are the days of heading out to dinner on a whim or doing it on the kitchen floor (if you were one of the lucky ones who ever did that!). But it doesn't mean that you can't do the deed, even if you're exhausted and that episode of The Good Wife just can't wait. It just means you need to get creative as to when you and your man can get busy! So set that alarm and rise and shine for your marriage. Because there's absolutely no better way to start your day.

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