Posted: Mar 29, 2013 10:00 AM
Setting aside one-on-one time is tricky to schedule, but well worth the effort. Even short spurts of togetherness help you feel close and connected. Once you manage to carve out the time, what should you do with your favorite little guy? Get ready to "think boy" — you're about to have some serious fun!

Mother-son dates are a perfect way to get some serious bonding time with your little man. He'll bask in your undivided attention and you're sure to do the exact same in his. We've gathered six fun mother-son date ideas from creative moms just like you so the next time you find yourself alone with your favorite little guy, you'll know exactly how to spend that quality time! See what real moms — from best-selling authors to business owners to actresses — share for mother-son date ideas!

Galit Breen and family
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My son Brody loves figuring out how things work. He does this by taking things apart and putting them back together again. He also loves anything that inflates, floats, flies and moves. So when we're gifted time for just the two of us, I try to let go of the noise and the mess that tends to come with his exploring, and dive into his interests. One of our favorite dates is lighting and releasing sky lanterns. They're magical and unique and the look on my son's face as we light and watch them float makes the time and effort absolutely worth it!

MOther-son Date Tip^ Go the extra mile and try something magical and new!

Angie Lee and sons

Angie Lee works in PR. editing and social media advertising. She's also the clever writer behind Seven Clown Circus and a mother of five. When it comes to spending time with her guys, Angie takes things outside. She says:

For a fun, inexpensive and completely memorable date night with the boys, I advocate going exploring! All you need are treasure collection bags, comfortable shoes and good company. You'll be amazed at the treasures your kids can and will find in your own backyard, neighborhood or local park! If you want to take your exploration a step further, pick up trash as you go and make your date into a date to do good. The best part about going exploring with the boys is that it opens up all kinds of opportunities for conversation — and for me, that's the best part.

MOther-son Date Tip^Get dirty... it won't hurt a bit and your little guy will revel in it!

Ann Imig and children
Photo credit: Eric Tadsen

Ann Imig is the humor writer who pens the always thoughtful blog Ann's Rants. She's also the founder of the national live-reading series Listen to Your Mother and a mother of two. When it comes to date ideas, Ann keeps things close to home. She says:

My kids are past the age where I can strap them in a car seat and count on weekly library, playground and children's museum outings. They have opinions about what they want to do, and it includes sugar, screens and buying plastic. Even my stealthiest sales skills and parenting strategies often result in a pastoral afternoon of fake-crying, nut-jabbing, and meting out consequences. Sometimes the easiest and most successful quality time with my sons involves staying in: cuddling up and reading together, doing Mad Libs or even relenting to a game of Pokemon Monopoly. We break the two hours-but feels like two days game of mortgage refinancing into two sessions of everyone is occupied-using basic math and logic skills-and I can stay slumped in one place-with my coffee fun.

MOther-son Date Tip^Think back to what was fun when you were little... classic ideas are sure to be adored by your guy!

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