Posted: May 09, 2013 7:00 AM
The very things that make us moms are often what we try to hide. The dark circles under our eyes from being up late with a toddler, the extra jiggle around the middle from kid number two, the just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-have-to-get-my-kid-to-school hair. So in honor of Mother's Day, some brave moms have decided to wear motherhood on their sleeves and go makeup free, Spanx-less and basically just let it all hang out. (And guess what? They all look beautiful!)

Jessica Torres, mother of two

Brave Act^Forgoes makeup

Jessica Torres

"My under eye bags should be celebrated because I earned them by waking up in the middle of the night to care for kids who are sick, have growing pains or bad dreams and getting up too early in the morning to get my work done before kids wake up so I can be present for them during the day," says Jessica Torres, mother of two (9 and 3). "Once you learn that you are beautiful just the way you are, there is no pressure to do your makeup every day. Instead, spend that time sleeping a little longer, drinking your coffee while it's hot or playing with the kids."

Megan Lubin, mother of one

Brave Act^Reveals her C-section scar

Megan Lubin

"My son was born three months early due to a complicated pregnancy caused by a large uterine fibroid tumor. I almost died giving birth to him and had to be cut from navel to pubic bone, leaving me with quite the scar. I celebrate my scar and consider it part of what makes me a mom because it's amazing what the human body is capable of — how it can create life, push limits and heal itself. My belly was my son's home for six months and my scar the very passage in which he entered the world, so my scar will forever be a reminder of that precious time. I am grateful for my scar and think it's beautiful, and when a woman feels beautiful, that is worth celebrating!" says Megan Lubin, mother of one son, 2-1/2.

Maria Melee, mother of two

Brave Act^Reveals her "not so perky" bust line

Maria Melee

"After having two kids, and breastfeeding each for about a year and a half, my bust line changed shape dramatically. My modest but perky boobs are now modest and not particularly perky boobs. And let's just say my toddler son once told me my nipples looked like hot dogs. While they don't fill out a bathing suit or bra the way they used to, I'm happy with my breasts. They sustained life and they're a mark of motherhood. I'm so proud to be a mom," says Maria Melee, mother of two.

Angela Amman, mother of two

Brave Act^Ditches the mascara wand

Angela Amman

"Yes, this is the first (and probably last!) mascara-free photo of me to hit the internet, says Angela Amman, mother of two. "Being a mom has given me a little freedom — and perspective — in terms of feeling bad about some of these surface issues that used to bother me. I try to remember that we're rushing around to do something fun, to get out of the house, to make memories and laugh — that makes it a little easier to forgive myself for not concentrating more on my skin care routine. But seriously. Mascara. I can't remember the last time I didn't put it on in the morning. I had to wash it off for the photos because it's second nature."

Emma White, mother of six

Brave Act^Poses in a bikini

Emma White

"After having six children, I am very proud of ever bump and stretch mark that remains. I guess running around after six kids is enough exercise for any mum. I have never been in a gym let alone become obsessive about shedding any leftover baby weight. I recently went to Sydney, Australia, for a three-week holiday and was more than happy to strip down," says Emma White.

Notoya Green, mother of triplets

Brave Act^Goes Spanx-free

Notoya Green

"I have no reason to do anything other than celebrate my post-triplet baby body. My kids and I came through a high risk pregnancy and we made it. They're here. They're healthy, they're strong and they're beautiful. So while my tummy is not quite as flat as it used to be, I embrace it all because I am proud of them and I'm proud of myself," says Notoya Green.

Alexandra Chaurun, mother of two

Brave Act^Reveals her stretch marks

Alexandra Chaurun

"I think my stretch marks are part of what makes me a mom because they remind me of those days when I could feel my babies remodeling their accommodations in my belly. I'm proud of them because the body is an amazing machine. I'm glad it is still working for me," says Alexandra Chaurun, mother of two (2 years old and 9 months).

Jasmine Holt, mother of two

Brave Act^Reveals her midsection

"I believe that when you become a mother, you know that your body will never be exactly the same. At least in my opinion. My stomach bares all the evidence of my decision to be the best mom I could possibly be. Once I realized that my body is still beautiful — stretch marks and all — I could move forward with my acceptance. If I truly want to love myself, I must accept me for who I am now — with the aim of always reaching for better. I have not given up on exercise, but I know it will take a while to get to where I am going with my goals. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy how I look right now!" says Jasmine Holt, mother of two (9 and 6 months).

Jasmine Holt

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