Ladies, it's time to take a risk. What scares the heck out of you? What have you always wanted to do, but haven't had the nerve? We found some moms who decided to face their fears and step way outside of their comfort zones.

Deborah DeLong

How she stepped out of her comfort zone^Became a bee keeper

Deborah DeLong

"I knew nothing about beekeeping, but that didn't deter me," says Deborah DeLong, blogger and mother of two. "I bought Beekeeping for Dummies and ordered 10,000 bees. I was scared of bees when I started and truth be told, I'm still a little scared of them. Or maybe 'respectful' is a better word. Getting stung hurts! While I love gardening, I've never been a nature girl at heart. I'm scared of snakes and spiders and bee keeping was way out of my comfort zone. But I was determined to have an authentic English cottage garden, complete with a working beehive. Through beekeeping, I learned that I really am a nature girl at heart. It was what was missing from my life."

Pauline Molinari

How she stepped out of her comfort zone^Performs in musical theater productions with her daughter

Pauline Molinari

Mom and DIY craft blogger Pauline Molinari says she had absolutely zero singing or musical experience when her 11-year-old daughter, Maggie, asked her to perform with her. "She tried to convince me to join with her initially. I made a deal with her, that if she did the first production and liked it, I would join the next one with her. Fast forward two years later, we are now in the middle of rehearsing for our fourth production together! Before my daughter nudged me, I never had the guts to do it!"

Caroline Ceniza Levine

How she stepped out of her comfort zone^Did stand-up comedy

Caroline Ceniza Levine"I took a comedy class to work on my writing but before I knew it, I had formed a comedy troupe with my classmates," says Carline Ceniza Levine, mother of two, age 17 and 11, who now vet her jokes. "Comedy was completely unexpected for me because I started late (age 39) and I didn't expect to continue it after the class. It was stepping out of my comfort zone because I have to share so openly and talk about family, work and personal things, and as an Asian-American, open sharing with strangers is not typically done. I've always been close with my kids, but I think comedy has made me even cooler in their eyes."

Cindy Denney

How she stepped out of her comfort zone^Became a yogi vegan

Cindy Denney"Yoga used to scare me. I thought it was a cult lead by gurus," says Cindy Denney. "I didn't understand that it is a lifestyle, not a cult. I was led to the mat by a friend, and yoga instructor, someone whom I trusted, and knew was not a cult member. I thought vegan food was just icky tofu. I never thought I could be a vegan or be into yoga, but I'm proud to report that I now practice yoga, wear yoga pants to carpool and don't eat animals. I've become one of those women I never thought I'd be! My husband and child have even adopted a vegetarian diet."

Adrienne Milligan

How she stepped out of her comfort zone^Went snowmobiling

Adrienne MilliganAdrienne Milligan, freelance journalist and mother of two, went snowmobiling for the first time last year as part of an assignment. "I did not realize that I not only had to do the article on the lodge that offered snowmobile tours, but that I was going to go on a snowmobile tour!" says Milligan. "Going on the snowmobile tour was out of my comfort zone, for sure! I had never been on one before nor did I think I would ever want to ride on one. I did more than ride on one, I drove one! The tour guide, Mark, had my oldest son ride with him and my second oldest rode with me. At first, I was scared of the what-ifs, but I soon found it FUN. My boys loved it and we all agreed:  We have got to do this again!"

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