Posted: Apr 01, 2013 9:00 AM
Oh, Facebook. There's something about you that I can't resist, yet, at times, you drive me insane! From over-sharers to late night political discussions, these Facebook violations are at the top of my online pet peeves list.
  1. Just tell us already

    This must be at the top of everyone's Facebook peeves list, right? The posts that go something like, "I hate it when things don't go as planned" or "Best day ever! It finally happened!" Just tell us already! I am always very satisfied when someone posts a teaser comment like this on their Facebook page and then nobody takes the bait.

  2. So many pictures, so little time

    One of my favorite features about Facebook is being able to virtually meet the children of friends that I went to high school or college with, friends who have moved away and even my sweet nieces and nephews. But, those of you who post hundreds of pictures of your little darlings from one single outing to the zoo... get a blog.

  3. Suggestive suggestions

    Recently, it seems that Facebook has decided to add some, um, suggestions to my Facebook feed. At least a few times a day, they recommend anything from the local nightclub, to Catholic dating services, to sales on airline tickets to Paris. Dear Facebook, I consigned my clubbing clothes three kids ago, I am married and an agnostic, and if you're going to suggest I plan a quick weekend getaway to Paris, you'd better suggest some nanny agencies as well.

  4. Mmm, dinnertime

    Please stop posting what you made for dinner on Facebook. Food posts simply bother me because most of the time, what you are having for dinner looks way better than what I'm having for dinner. Or, at the least, send me your leftovers.

  5. Ditto to your tropical vacation

    Stop making me jealous.

  6. The happy birthday guilt trip

    Do you ever feel pressured from Facebook to send every one of your Facebook friends happy birthday wishes? Or even worse, when it's your birthday, and 100 of your dearest Facebook friends have wished you a happy birthday on your wall and you feel like you need to respond to each one?

  7. #NotFunnyEnough

    Hashtags don't do anything on Facebook. So, unless you're using them to be funny, don't bother using them at all. Exceptions do apply when you're posting on Facebook via your Twitter or Instagram accounts where I still prefer that you are #funny instead of #insanelyboringandunnecessary.

  8. The quoter

    Everyone loves a good quote. I do just as much as the next Facebook addict, but if you are a serial quoter, you're on my list. If one or more of the quotes you've posted in the last week are from Nicholas Sparks movies, I'm giving you the stink eye right now.

  9. Perfect your profile picture

    Ladies, there is no excuse, absolutely none, for having a bad profile picture. With camera phones that allow you to check your pretty little self out while you're saying cheese and the all-important creation of self-portraits in the bathroom mirror (just after you've applied your makeup, naturally), your profile picture on Facebook is the one place where you can post the best possible picture of yourself without looking like a cad. Take advantage of it!

  10. In the middle

    I love your middle name. Really, I do. But, I'm judging you just a little bit for putting it in your Facebook name. Unless your middle name is Katie. Then, by all means! In fact, put it in caps, if you'd like!

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