We hear that 40 is the new 30, which makes 30 the new 20, right? While going back to our college days doesn't sound appealing, celebrating the big 3-0 can be tough to swallow, too. Remedy the decade birthday blues by turning 30 in a style that is perfectly you!

Dirty 30

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Love a party — especially one that's thrown in your honor there's no doubt that a full-blown Dirty 30 birthday party is the only way to celebrate turning the big 3-0. After all, what better way to ring in your 30s than partying the night away like you were still in your 20s?

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If you have someone to host your party for you, take advantage of leaving the party planning details in their hands! But, don't be ashamed to throw something for yourself too nobody will mind, as long as the party is good! Pre-funk at your house and meet your friends out on the town or rent the back room at your favorite restaurant or bar. Whatever you choose to do, make the guest list long, the drinks cold and the music loud! Just remember, you're 30 now hydrate, take some painkillers before bed and take the next day off of work... at least!

DIrty Thirty- Katie

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"I'm pretty certain that I invited everyone I knew to my 30th birthday party," Katie shares. "There must have been 60 people at our house, including most of my family, a surprise visit from my big brother and, needless to say, a lot of fun." She continues by telling us the big difference between celebrating at 20 and celebrating at 30: "I was so surprised that my house wasn't a disaster the next morning! No sticky beer covered floors and nobody passed out in my bathroom! I guess this means we're growing up!"

Getaway girl

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Are feeling shy about celebrating your birthday in general, let alone this milestone year, getting out of town for the weekend or longer might be the perfect solution. Grab your husband, your best girls or your closest family members, shut off your Facebook birthday notification and hit the road!

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First things first decide if you're going to stay close to home or jump ship altogether. If you have little ones at home, see if the grandparents can watch them for the weekend and book a room at the swankiest hotel in town or find a little getaway spot a couple of hours from home. For something a bit more exciting, hop a plane to somewhere warm, preferably where you can celebrate with a mai tai or margarita in hand.

30th Getaway- Jessica

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AllParenting writer Jessica Torres tells us, "I was slightly afraid of turning 30, so I knew I had to do something memorable. My husband and I went to Kauai, just the two of us. We spent my birthday on the shores of the ocean and at a luau enjoying good food, music and drinks. It was the perfect way to start a new decade."

An intimate affair

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Want to celebrate, but prefer to do it with your nearest and dearest... and without getting trashed. They say that 30 is the decade when you start to better define the relationships that are important to you, and leave the others behind. Celebrate the years to come with the people you love most!

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Book a dinner at your favorite restaurant and we're talking about somewhere that does not have a kiddie play area! This is also a great option if you want to celebrate, but aren't up for covering the tab host a round of drinks or a couple of appetizers, and then let your friends and family cover their own dinners. Spend the morning shopping for a new dress, getting pampered and relaxing you have some celebrating to do!

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Birthday girls say

"I wanted to create the anti-Dirty 30!" Leanne shares. "It was all about the glam and leaving the crazy years of my 20s behind when I turned 30. Champagne instead of beer, a delicious dinner with a dozen of my best girlfriends (including one who was also turning 30!) and a trip to the spa the next morning together."

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